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Tours in Barcelona

Tours in Barcelona

In Barcelona - a lot of travel and amerit. It is a major European port in the Mediterranean and significant Spanish shopping center. In the city he lived and worked greatest architect Antoni Gaudí, and its unique heritage - an important part of all tours in Barcelona. And in Barcelona there is a football team of the same name, see a game which for many fans - the most important part of your holiday or weekend, held in the capital of Catalonia.

History and geography

Barcelona lies on the banks of the Mediterraneanthe sea, but because one of its major tourist destination - beach holiday. Urban hills of the landscape give a special flavor, and the most spectacular views from the lookouts on the hills of Carmel, Rovira and Montjuic.
Historians have put forward several hypotheses abouttime of founding of the city, but the participants of the tours in Barcelona like most about the legend that it was founded by ancient hero Hercules long before ancient Rome. One way or another, but the Romans were here only in the II century BC, when the Barcelona already being there.

Briefly about the importance

  • The Mediterranean climate ensures confidencethe participants of the tour in Barcelona a comfortable and warm weather throughout the calendar year. The winter is mild and dry, and is especially suitable for sightseeing, and in the late spring comes favorable time for beach activities. During the peak summer season, the water on the beaches is heated to 25 degrees, and the swimming season lasts well until mid-October.
  • The capital of Catalonia is the sixththe cities of the Old World in popularity among the tourist fraternity. There are hundreds of hotels and hostels are open to all tastes and different wealth. Find a cheap room in the hotel and can be in the center of the city, especially since the restaurants and cafes where you can eat outside the hotel, in Barcelona abound.
  • The international airport is just ten kilometers from the city and get out of it in the center is easiest by bus or train.
  • Going on tour in Barcelona, ​​it is important to have aview of the city transport. Taxis in the capital of Catalonia budget enough, but travel by metro in Barcelona is much more profitable and the money, and time. Many subway station immediately adjacent to the underground station of suburban trains, so that the transplant can be performed quickly and easily.



  • Tours in Barcelona
  • Tours in Barcelona

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