Water parks in Barcelona - photos, price, description

Water parks in Barcelona

Water parks in Barcelona

Barcelona - a great place for family and children's activities: for example, adults and young guests will get a lot of pleasure from the active water recreation at the local water park.

Water parks in Barcelona

Water park "Illa Fantasia" has:

  • 12 pools (Llac - with Jacuzzi, Piscina Monumental - 2 basketball hoop, Piscina D'ones - with artificial waves);
  • 22 slides "Bitour", "Aquamania", "Megatour", "Torpede", "Espiral", "Supertobogan", "ZigsZags", "Espirotub", "Multipista", "Rapids";
  • 5 tracks for mini-golf;
  • children (2-10 years) pool "Zona Infantil" with mini-slides;
  • seating area and a picnic (there are several barbecues and tables for 800 people, and to get the necessary products can be located next to the water park supermarket);
  • Places to Eat (coffee bar, burger bar, ice cream parlor, restaurant "El Chef").

In addition, the "Illa Fantasia" guests will find aphone booths, storage, automated teller machines, showers, medical center, souvenir shop. It is worth noting that the water park visitors regularly indulge discos, concerts, theatrical performances, involvement in sports.

Entrance fee: adults (above 140 cm) - 22 Euro / full day (15 euros / 5:00 14:00), children (100-140 cm) - 15 Euro / full day (13 euros / 5 hours). Special Rates: 2 adults - 40 euro, 2 adults + 2 children - 60 euro. With regard to older people (age 65+), then the whole day in the "Illa Fantasia" it will cost 15 euros, and 5-hour stay - 13 euros.

Water Activities in Barcelona

Visiting the Aquarium in Barcelona (adult ticket - 18Euro, children's ticket - 14 euros), you will visit several of its areas, for example, in the first zone (aquarium itself) you meet with skorpenami, seahorses and sea dogs (not deprived of attention "Oceanarium" - you pass through the pipeline through the aquarium sharks and fish of the ocean), and Planeta Aqua zone - with piranhas and penguins (there are special cages). With regard to the Explora area, it will gladly visit the young guests - they will be able to participate in interactive games, move out down the tunnel, which is surrounded by bubbling water, and take pictures, sitting astride a giant turtle.

Those who dare to go diving with sharks, to pay for an exciting fun 300 euros (the price includes a guided tour, a theoretical exercise and immersion).

For a beach holiday perfectly suited Sant beachesSibastia, Barseloneta (offers - sports grounds for games of volleyball and football, skateboarding and rollerblading), Sant Miquel, Somorrostro (famous for its trendy clubs and restaurants), Nova Icaria (guests will find table tennis, children's and volleyball courts and paragraphs kayak rental, equipment for surfing and diving).

The approximate cost of water attractions: a 30-minute ride on a jet ski - 100 euros, Flyboard - 85 euros / 15 minutes, Puddle Surging-35 euros / 90 minutes, Wakeboard-30 euros / 30 minutes.


  • Water parks in Barcelona
  • Water parks in Barcelona

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