Taxis in Madrid - prices, order. How much is a taxi in Madrid

Taxis in Madrid

Taxis in Madrid

Taxis in Madrid - a white car,equipped with counter and door diagonal red stripe and the coat of arms of the city (the bear and the strawberry tree), and on the roof - a light signal which if you are interested in a taxi, you can freely learn (it will show green signal).

Taxi services in Madrid

To stop a taxi on one of Madridstreets, you need to reach out. Furthermore, looking for him, you can go on a specialized parking - guided by the blue plaques on which the letter "T" written in white.

If you see a sign with "Ocupado" inscription, then a taxi is occupied, and the label "Libre" will testify about the readiness of the driver to take you on your address.

Use the Madrid taxi can be another way - to call it by phone 91 405 55 00 91 447 51 80; 34 (91) 371 21 31; 34 (91) 445 90 08.

The cost of a taxi in Madrid

Would you like to be informed in this matter as "How much is a taxi in Madrid?" To sort out the pricing is available with following type of information:

  • Planting costs to passengers with a maximum of 3 euros each and overcome kilometers - 1 euro.
  • Waiting and motion at low speed is charged at price of 17 euros / hour.
  • When traveling by taxi surcharges are provided: if you sit in a car at the airport of Barajas, the margin for passage will be 5.25 euros, and if you sit in the car at the bus or train / railway station or near the fairgrounds "Park Ferial Juan Carlos I", for a trip you will have to pay 3 euro (including, and the fare to the complex is to the destination). And passengers who are going to take a taxi on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, to the final invoice Priplyusuet 6.70 euros.
  • Night tariff, valid after 21:00 to 05:30 increases the cost of the trip is almost double.

Tourists should know that local law does not provide for the implementation of payment for carriage of wheelchairs and passengers with pets.

During the trip from the airport to the city center you will pay about 30 euros and the fare of the city - an average of 10 euros.

Payment by credit cards in the Madrid taxi - a rarity, so with them you should always have cash for the fare.

Important: if you do not like the service or if the driver will try to deceive you, it is advisable to contact the Municipal Taxi department - handling in this department need to have a piece of paper with written on it the registration taxi number, identification, and number of driver's license (this information can be found next to the dashboard) as well as check on the fare.

As the cultural and historical capitalSpain, Madrid has a developed transport system (there are buses, trams, subway, cable car), but if your goal - to quickly and safely get to your destination, you will always come to the aid of the Madrid taxi.

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