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Tours in Seville

Tours in Seville

The capital of Andalusia Seville was beautifulIt founded by the ancient hero Hercules. Ancient city wall still covers the city from trouble and because its inhabitants so carefree, musical, beautiful and hospitable. Here the events unfolded, "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Don Giovanni" at the Seville streets shone with incomparable Carmen and this is where originally was the Barber of Seville. To join the celebration and try to understand the secret of optimism locals, you can during the tour to Seville. That is only after his riddles and questions you may receive no less than the day before.

Towers, walls and bullfights

Guadalquivir River divides the city into two parts,each of which boasts a majestic old buildings and lots of towers. This view from the towers become hallmark of the city in all the guidebooks in Spain.
Tours in Seville allow guests to learn a lot ofinteresting historical facts about the origin and development of the city. Once it was dominated by the Romans and Normans, the Caliphate of Cordoba and the Berbers, but from the middle of the XIII century Christian Spaniards finally established on this earth.
Today the city has more than 70 cathedrals,many of which are magnificent examples of medieval architecture. The most famous - the cathedral, second by its size among the Orthodox churches and the Vatican only London.
And the tour to Seville, you can see a real bullfight. Arena for it is the second largest in the country and at the same time can accommodate nearly 18 thousand spectators.

Briefly about the importance

  • Seville airport receives local and international flights from European capitals. Direct flights from Moscow not, but can be reached via Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Zurich.
  • Bus or taxi to help the participants in the roundSeville to reach the city center in less than half an hour. If guests use rail to move from Madrid, their trains arrive at Santa Justa station, located in the northern part of the city.
  • The climate is Mediterranean in Seville and for itcharacterized by hot summers and warm and mild winter. The air temperature in July can easily reach +40 in the shade, so the siesta - holy executable item in the daily routine of local residents. The most favorable time for a walk through the old town begins in April and October, when the thermometer will settle down in the region of 22 degrees.
  • Interesting tour, participants travel to Seville can get through the city fountains. They are related to the general water supply system for the viaduct which was built during the time of Julius Caesar.


  • Tours in Seville
  • Tours in Seville

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