Rest in Valencia - photo. Summer holidays in Valencia (Spain) 2015

Holidays in Valencia

Holidays in Valencia

Rest in Valencia resort allows guests to seeGothic buildings and facilities in high-tech style, enjoy the superb scenery, sunbathe on the clean beaches, visit the local entertainment centers and amusement parks.

The main types of recreation in Valencia

  • Sightseeing: on the tour you walk through the City Council Square, you will see a complex of buildings in the futuristic "City of Arts and Sciences", watchtowers Serranos, bullring, visit the silk exchange Llotja de la Seda and visit the Royal gardens. For those wishing to organize tours of the lake Albufera - on surface of the lake, you can sail on a boat, and visit the fishing villages to see the lives of ordinary Spanish villagers. At the end of this trip you will be treated to dinner by the lake (treats - national cuisine).
  • Beach: travelers should look at the beach of El Saler (- for windsurfers excellent conditions for families with children, and in the spring of summer are here) - after swimming in salt water, vacationers can rinse in the shower, and supporters of active recreation - swimming and renting sports equipment. It is worth to come in the evening - in the beach area around the clock open bars and restaurants. Another good place to relax - Playa de la Malvarosa: children are children's playground, and for people with disabilities - a seating area.
  • Active: Active tourists can enjoy a game of golf or tennis, scuba diving, sailing ride, make the ascent to the mountain slopes, go for a walk on a sports plane.
  • Event: You can travel to Valencia for the celebration podgadat "Las Fallas", followed by a procession, the burning of giant puppets made of papier-mache, pyrotechnic show (March), as well as holding dance competitions (April-May). In June, you can come on holiday "Corpus Christi" - at this time, you can visit the costume parade, which is attended by "a large head" and Dolls "Gigantes".

Prices for tours to Valencia

The recommended time to relax in Valencia -April-October. By raising prices for tours should be ready in May and September, during the Christmas and New Year holidays in February, when the Winter Carnival held in Valencia. If your goal - a little cut their holiday spending, you can come to Valencia in November and December.

On a note!

If you need to exchange currency, it is best to do it in the bank, but keep in mind that they are working from 08:30 to 14:00. Sharing the same points are open around the clock, but the exchange rate there is unfavorable.

Smoking in public places is prohibited, if you smoke, pay attention to the special smoking areas.

On the advice of seasoned travelers from Valencia should bring the olive oil, wine and sherry, lace products, ceramics and leather goods, figurines of bulls and bullfighters for hair accessories.

Photos rest in Valencia

  • Holidays in Valencia
  • Holidays in Valencia
  • Holidays in Valencia

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