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Properties in Spain

Properties in Spain

Remember that national characteristics in Spainunusual to understand but easy, as it turns out in fact. Coming on holiday to Spain, you have to be prepared for the fact that here you will meet good-natured and open, smiling residents. They can be very serious if the situation so requires. The people of Spain excellent sense of humor, which they skillfully use. Do not be offended if you suddenly over joked. Jokes residents in Spain are not evil, but very funny.

The traditions that are disappearing

Previously, all Spaniards strictly followed oneimportant tradition - observe daily siesta. This is the time from 13.00 to 16.00, when the inhabitants of Spain's rest. The lunch break did not work, banks, shops and other public institutions. But the authorities decided that a three-hour break adversely affects the economic situation of the country. So long tradition of daily rest has undergone a change. Now the daily siesta lasts only one hour.

Business people at a meeting in Spain is always strongThey shake hands and make the exchange of business cards. They will be useful in the future or not, it is another question. The main thing is that the honor given to the full. Spaniards unorganized. They can even be late for the most important events in their lives, so do not be upset and angry if your business meeting with a resident of Spain is delayed for a few minutes or even an hour. Lateness - is another reason for jokes in Spanish, which even over a joke.

One of the characters is a bullfight in Spain. It translates it as "running." Participants of this action is really running around a lot, and not always this is due to complete safety rules. This bullfight - a very dangerous activity. Some visitors do not understand this passion, so strongly expressed their dissatisfaction with this tradition. However, it is worth remembering that the Spaniards are very fond of bullfighting, and it is not necessary to impose their views.

We go to Spain, you need to know?

  • Stock up on summer clothes and sunscreen. Spain - a hot country.
  • Be prepared, that made friends with one Spaniard, once you zaimeet many other friends that he is you and introduce.
  • Do not be offended if you make a joke. Jokes are usually good and clear.

Spain - a country of generosity and good cheer!


  • Properties in Spain
  • Properties in Spain
  • Properties in Spain

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