Prices in Lloret de Mar - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Lloret de Mar

Prices in Lloret de Mar

Prices in Lloret de Mar

The most popular and largest resort on the Costa Brava is considered to Lloret de Mar. This city is considered the best rave place on the Mediterranean coast. From Barcelona it is separated 80 km.

Where to stay in the tourist

Lloret de Mar - a small town. Most of the apartments, hotels and hotels located near the sea. From the bus station to the coastline just 500 m. On the first line are located 4 and 5 star hotels. They are located on the waterfront, and beach area is across the street. the first line of hotels offer the most expensive rooms in the resort. To spend a day in a double room 5 *, you have to pay 200 euros. To reduce costs, it is possible to stay on the second line. Number 4 * hotel in the center of the resort, a remote 500 m from the beach, will cost 50-60 euros per night in high season. If you book a place in advance, the rest within 14 days will cost 1,500-1,800 euros. This number will be standard, without much luxury, and no sea view.

Entertainment at the resort

Lloret de Mar - a favorite vacation spotyouth. For quality vacation there are all possibilities. It offers numerous night clubs, bars and restaurants. Entrance to the club is usually paid. The average price is 10 euros.

In the clubs there is no face-control, soYou can even visit them in shorts and shales. A busy night life - it's not the most prominent feature of the resort. Here are the beautiful beaches with sand. At the resort, you can even find beaches for naturists.

Resort Historic District allowssightseeing tours. In the old part of the city, tourists can admire the ancient houses and churches. Tour price in the city is not very high. One-day guided tour to Barcelona is 45 euros for 1 person. Near the promenade of Lloret de Mar is a mooring of yachts and pleasure boats. To reach the sea to the neighboring town of Tossa de Mar in 15 euros. Entrance to the local water park - 30 euros. You can reach it by a free bus.

How much are the products in Lloret de Mar

Grab a snack in the café for 12-15 euros per person. A cup of coffee costs 2 euros, pizza - 1.5 euros per piece. The restaurants offer delicious Spanish dishes. Popular jamon and sangria. Buy jamon can be in the resort supermarkets. Small package jamon are 1-3 euros.


  • Prices in Lloret de Mar
  • Prices in Lloret de Mar
  • Prices in Lloret de Mar

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