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Treatment in Spain

Treatment in Spain

In Spain tourist interest, usually twodirection - a beach holiday and elegant ekskursionka. However, in recent years, the Russian traveler begins to worry and wine-gastronomic trend, but medical tourism in Spanish is unfairly overshadowed. The government has been reluctant to develop a recreation area in the tourism sector, but to show off to the neighbors than he has: the local health care system, according to WHO, is seventh in the world rankings. This is the cause of ever-increasing popularity of treatment in Spain from UK residents, for example, and the British who can rarely trust the care of their own health.

important rules

Not less than seven years spent on general healththe formation of any Spanish doctor, but that his efforts did not end there. The next step - a few years of specialized practice, the results of which the doctor is necessary for licenses and certificates.

For the needs of foreign patients in the country has several private and public clinics, where English-speaking doctors work and performance measures fully comply with all European standards.

How to help here?

Basic clinics designed for treatmentSpain foreigners located in Madrid and Barcelona. Preliminary agreement on consultation and treatment is desirable, and it is easy to get on the websites of hospitals. Travel agencies in Russia can assist in purchasing tour to Spain for medical treatment.

Methods and Achievements

Much success Spanish doctors have achieved inobstetrics areas, gynecology and cardiology. Russian citizens prefer to do here ophthalmic surgery and to treat infertility, consult cardiologists and perform orthopedic manipulation.

Price issue

The cost of health care in the country numberlower than in Germany or Israel and much cheaper than in the United States. In addition, Spain hotels are low cost accommodation and meals, and because even the long-term treatment will be much cheaper than in other European countries.

It is worth noting that the nursing staffclinics in Spain does not have a full set of care services for seriously ill and therefore have to either hire a nurse or help him yourself. Hour presence of a relative may be in all the local health facilities.


  • Treatment in Spain
  • Treatment in Spain
  • Treatment in Spain

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