Holidays in Spain in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in Spain in November

Holidays in Spain in November

Holidays in Spain in November

November in Spain - this is approximately the same,that September in Russia. Weather increasingly deteriorates, there is an abrupt change of sunny and warm days, rainy and cool. Beach lovers are gradually leaving the country, and admirers walking and sightseeing come. For them, the air temperature, which can reach a day + 15-20S, most suitable not cold and not hot.

At sea, the water temperature can be as high as+ 20 ° C, which, in general, is quite suitable for swimming. But what is of interest to go to the beach on a cloudy day? Bathed mostly in swimming pools. This summer is the whole of the Spanish territory of the Canary Islands only. Here you can fly to rest at any time of the year.

Things to do in November in Spain

  • Holidays in Spain in November - a visitexcursions to the many attractions and participated in cultural programs in which there is no shortage. Are popular this time of year tours for gourmets and lovers of Spanish wines. Many taverns and restaurants offer delicious take part in the tasting of dry wines, and different cooking shows.
  • Beach vacation cease to be popular. But hunters relax on the beaches of the Canary Islands and Ibiza is still enough.
  • In November, the Spanish towns and villages fullswing preparing for Christmas, and it's worth a look. From the middle of the street just a month change: there is a festive illumination, palm trees and cacti decorated with tinsel and garlands, every night lit the star of Bethlehem. In the souvenir shops you can buy exclusive Christmas decorations, including rare.
  • Excursion program in November in Spain usuallyrich and interesting. Begin sightseeing usually with Barcelona, ​​which is rich in all kinds of architectural monuments and museums. The second largest city in Spain called the cultural capital of the state.
  • It is impossible to visit Spain and get around theirMadrid attention. Kilometer Zero at the Puerta del Sol - the most visited place. The second most popular - the Prado Museum, the analogue of the Russian Hermitage Museum, a collection of paintings and sculptures.
  • If you look at the November in the cultural posterSpain, you can see how this month is full of various festivals, religious celebrations, fairs. The most popular holiday - All Saints' Day.

Photos holidays in Spain

  • Holidays in Spain in November
  • Holidays in Spain in November

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