What is the sea in Spain? The sea in Spain: photos, map

Sea Spain

Sea Spain

The Iberian Peninsula, which is locatedSpain, serves as a barrier, separating the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. On the north coast of the country washed by the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic, in the south-east - the Balearic Sea, in the south - the Strait of Gibraltar. The unequivocal answer to the question of what the sea washes Spain, there is another reason that the islands of the Canary archipelago, included in the Spanish territory, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mediterranean resorts

The first violin is played among the seas of SpainMediterranean. It is located on its shores major resorts, where in the summer the apple nowhere to fall from those who want to get a comfortable beach holiday and a decent European service. Costa Brava and Alicante, Costa Dorada and Salou opens the doors of its hotels and restaurants, and the famous Spanish Mediterranean beaches are a favorite destination for young people and for families with children, and for the golden age of travel.
With the Mediterranean Sea in Spain it is very connectedmuch. It forms the kitchen and the direction of the resort architecture dictates bright colors and catchy headlines in the menu of coastal restaurants, it is a fertile backdrop for photo shoots and a place for a romantic stroll under the sound of the surf.
Asked what the sea in Spain, it is not necessaryBalearic forget about that, in fact, it is part of the Mediterranean. It washes the shores of Barcelona, ​​the Balearic Islands, and it is considered the largest port of Valencia. The water temperature in the Balearic Sea resorts in peak season up to 25 degrees.

Ocean for the strong spirit

Mediterranean blends inStrait of Gibraltar, which leads to the waters of the North Atlantic. Ocean coast in the west of Spain - a paradise for surfers, and the largest city of this part of Spain are full of attractions and architectural masterpieces. It sent the ships of Columbus and the Spanish port of Cadiz on the Atlantic Ocean has become the main place to start expeditions for the discovery and conquest of America.

Interesting facts about Spain's seas

  • Atlantica allows Spain to enter the list of top ten countries by the number of harvested and exported fish and seafood.
  • The second name of the Bay of Biscay - Cantabrian Sea.
  • The width of the Strait of Gibraltar does not exceed 14 kilometers.
  • The length of the Spanish coastline of almost 5,000 kilometers.

Photos coast of Spain

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