Entertainment in Las Vegas - Photo. Amusement Parks in Las Vegas.

Entertainment in Las Vegas

Entertainment in Las Vegas

Entertainment in Las Vegas presented the casino, disco in night clubs, holiday events, carnivals and festivals.

Amusement Parks in Las Vegas

  • "Dig This": This theme park, designed for adults, visitors do not have fun on the rides, and on the construction site, where you can "play" with hydraulic excavators and crawler dozers.
  • "Adventuredome": guests of this amusement park can spend time in the gym, a mini-golf course (18 holes), at a shooting range, ride on each of the 25 attractions (note the breathtaking ride "Canyon Blaster"), to see the show of clowns.

What kind of entertainment in Las Vegas?

If you decide to look into the casino, notein the "Bellagio" - here you can not just dive into the world of gambling (the services of visitors - slot machines, roulette, card games), but also to visit the Botanical Garden and admire the show of dancing fountains.

Do you want to spend time in nightclubs? Look closely at the "Pure" (available to guests of this establishment - a large dance floor, bar, the VIP-room) and "TAO" (the club is popular with lovers of festive and cozy atmosphere, as well as hip-hop and other music genres).

Love extreme entertainment? At the top of the hotel tower "Stratosphere" you can tickle your nerves to extreme rides "X-Screem", "Sky Jump", "Big Shot".

Activities for Children in Las Vegas

  • Aquarium "Shark Reef": visiting the various thematic areas of the aquarium, your child will be able to see stingrays, jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks, including zebra, fish-saw, "gold" and other crocodile. In addition, visitors are encouraged to be on the glass underwater tunnel, which can be an unforgettable experience for you and your baby. It is worth mentioning here that all divers who want to provide the ability to dive underwater diving - you will be able to swim side by side with the stingrays and fish.
  • "Sky Zone": in this complex your baby will be able naprygalis on the trampoline, play with soft cubes, do children's pool.
  • Lion's Habitat At MGM Grand: If your child has long dreamed of seeing the lions and their cubs, be sure to plan a hike with him in the kennel. Here you can experience the incredible feeling, walking on the kennel, because visitors and wildlife separates the glass wall.
  • Discovery Children's Museum: This interactive museum through fun educational programs and exhibits children of any age can learn a lot about art and science.

On vacation in Las Vegas, you can walk to numerous shopping centers, to participate in the wedding ceremony, go skydiving, visit strip bars and see the legendary show.


  • Entertainment in Las Vegas
  • Entertainment in Las Vegas
  • Entertainment in Las Vegas

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