How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow? Flight time Las Vegas - Moscow

How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow?

How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow?

In Las Vegas, you could go on a trip toreserve "Canyon Red Rock", to visit the circus, "New York in miniature" and the Museum of nuclear tests, admire the dancing fountains "the Bellagio" to spend time in the amusement park "Dig This" and night club "XS Night Club", a game of chance playing in the casino "Monte Carlo", "TreasureIsland" or "Caesar's Palace"? After a few days you will fly to Moscow?

How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow (direct flight)?

Flight from Las Vegas to Moscow last 12:00(Your way into 9400 km will be overcome). Before the flight, it makes sense to clarify airfare: it is 30,400 rubles (flight with transfers will cost 51,000 rubles).

Connection Flight Las Vegas - Moscow

Popular cities are joiningLos Angeles, New York, London, Chicago, or others. On the way home, "United Airlines" and "Transaero" will offer you a transfer to another plane in New York (at home you will be after 35 hours, of which you will be asked to wait 2 departure for 15.5 hours), "American Airlines" and " the S7 "- in Tokyo (the flight will last about 20 hours, and all the way takes 34 hours)," Delta Airlines "and" Aeroflot "- Los Angeles (landing 2 aircraft you will be invited by 6.5 hours, and the home you delivered through 20.5 hours), "Condor" and "Aeroflot" - in Frankfurt am Main (the journey will last more than 22 hours), "Virgin Atlantic" and 'British Airways "- in London (landing in" Domodedovo "will be carried out after 31 hours), "Aeroflot" - Chicago (return home is delayed for 32 hours), "the SAS" - in Washington (the home you will find yourself at 26 hours).

Choose a carrier

Overcome distance from Las Vegas to Moscow youcan on Airbus A 332, Boeing 757-200, Airbus A 346 or other aircraft, which are registered for the following companies: "Delta Airlines"; "United Airlines"; "Virgin America"; "American Airlines".

For registration Las Vegas flights - Moscow respondsAirport McCarran International Airport (LAS) - he and business center of the city separated from each other by 10 km (take bus number 215, 108, 109 or 593). The airport has duty-free-zone with shops, cafes and restaurants, post office, bank branches, ATMs, points where exchange currency, a pharmacy, a museum of aviation, the gaming hub for young travelers. If travelers want to have fun, to their services slot machines (gaming zone there).

What to do on board?

The flight should sleep, read and think,who cheer gifts from Las Vegas in the form of American wine, dice, gift tokens, toy slot machines, sets for playing poker, things with the American flag, plush toys from the store "M & Ms", Dreamcatcher, watch American brand "Timex ".


  • How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Las Vegas to Moscow?

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