The streets of Los Angeles - a photo, name. List of famous streets in Los Angeles

Streets of Los Angeles

Streets of Los Angeles

The city of world importance - Los Angeles, takessecond place in the US in the number of people who live in it. He is second only to New York. The streets of Los Angeles are not ancient buildings and ancient sites. They are famous for their skyscrapers and entertainment. The city's economy is based on tourism, entertainment and commerce.

Main street

Center of the city of angels is a beautiful areaLa Plaza, where the highest building. In the evening there are the incredible effects due to backlight. Tourists eager to get into the area of ​​Hollywood to see the Walk of Fame. This is one of the most popular places in the city.
Alley lined Hollywood Boulevard Sidewalktiles with five-pointed stars. There are immortalized the names of the most famous people from the world of show business and movie industry. The second name of the mall - Boulevard of stars.

Among the main streets of the city refers bright BoulevardSunset, which is a portion of the Sunset Strip - focus night club life. Boulevard is associated with the glamor of Hollywood and is considered a model of culture. It connects the main part of town, with its chic neighborhoods, home to movie stars. These neighborhoods include Beverly Hills; Malibu and Brentwood; Bel-Air. Sunset Boulevard originates near Olvera Street (city center) and extends westward to the Pacific Ocean. Its length exceeds 34 km.

Very famous street in Los Angeles isRodeo Drive - trade area in Beverly Hills. Here are the luxury boutiques of Tiffany, Armani, Cartier and others. Rodeo Drive takes three quarters, where a lot of expensive shops, and goes further to the south and north.

Attractions -Chinese Theatre, which covered the area in front of the table name in gold. Next to the theater work shops offering products related to the film industry. It also houses the Kodak Theatre, functioning since 2001

What places are noteworthy

A central part of the Los Angeles runsWilshire Boulevard, covered with skyscrapers. It covers 24 km. Part of the boulevard running along the very center of the city is designated the Golden Mile. There are entertainment places: restaurants, shops, clubs, theaters. Boulevard known for its constant traffic jams. Traffic on the street stops during rush hour.

To the north of the main part of Los Angeles can befind a piece of nature. This is Griffith Park, California where grow oaks and other plants. Preserved in the city and the old streets. For example, Mexican street Oliver Street, which is in the center.

Pictures of Los Angeles streets

  • Streets of Los Angeles
  • Streets of Los Angeles
  • Streets of Los Angeles

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