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Christmas in Miami

Christmas in Miami

Christmas in Miami - this is a unique time,allowing to enjoy the atmosphere of a relaxing beach holiday and tourist center with a lot of attractions, as well as the festive spirit of Christmas holidays.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Miami

This holiday - a family celebration forAmericans. For this reason, one should not expect for special parades, events and fireworks - the evening of December 24 the city calms down, which is not about to South Beach restaurants (there is always a lot of people), and nightclubs, spending Christmas night theme parties and special shows .

With regard to the pre-holiday decorations, itAmericans over the entrance to the house hang wreaths of evergreen mistletoe and Christmas paraphernalia adorn the home. Do not forget the Americans and about decorating the outside of the house - they put in front of the doors glowing figure. And if we talk about the Christmas table, then it is always a roasted turkey, homemade sausages, cabbage, bean soup.

Entertainment and celebrations in Miami

  • In early December, you can visit the Art Festival"Art Basel" - this contemporary art fair in the curious will have a chance to admire the works of contemporary art culture representatives (they can be seen in the Miami Design District, Midtown Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center). In addition, as part of the event hosts various lectures, discussions and concerts.
  • The amusement park "Jungle Island" to the Christmas holidays, you can play snowballs on snow site, as well as enjoy light installations and take pictures with Santa.
  • Visiting themed amusement park"Santa's Enchanted Forest" (it is open even on Christmas Day and is located on the territory of Miami Dade's Tropical Park), you can ride on any of the 100 rides and horses or ponies, listen to holiday music, to be treated with food cooked on the grill.
  • 20-30 December (from 19:00 to 22:00) opens its doors to the Miami Zoo, which offers visitors the opportunity to see the light installations in the form of various animals (put on 3D-glasses, which are issued at the entrance, you can experience more exciting emotions), as well as a ride on the carousel, and a skating rink skating.

Christmas markets and fairs in Miami

Finding himself in Miami in November and December, you will be able tovisit the largest Christmas market in "Santa's enchanted forest." Another place where the Christmas and New Year's Fair - Market Bayside Marketplace (in addition to the acquisition of various souvenirs, here you can listen to live music and see the performances of street actors).


  • Christmas in Miami
  • Christmas in Miami
  • Christmas in Miami

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