How to fly from Miami to Moscow? Flight time Miami - Moscow

How to fly from Miami to Moscow?

How to fly from Miami to Moscow?

In Miami, you could see the palace in the style ofRenaissance - Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Coral Castle, dolphins, killer whales, manatees, sea lions in huge pools in the local aquarium, visit the Space Center, the reserve "Monkey Jungle", which is inhabited by monkeys, the National Park "Everglades" and park of exotic plants "Parrot Jungle ", relax on Miami Beach, take a cruise on a boat to the island of millionaires? And now you're going to fly to his homeland?

How to fly from Miami to Moscow on a direct flight?

Moscow and Florida's main resort away from each other in the 9200 km, which means that in flight you will spend about 11 hours.
For example, with the "Aeroflot" and "Delta Airlines" flight, you will spend 11 o'clock 10 minutes.
It should be noted that the direct flights on this route is carried out, "Transaero" (1 per week) and "Aeroflot" (3 times a week).
Relatively cheap Miami Moscow can be purchased for 27,300 rubles in January, April and February (the most expensive tickets sold in December and summer months).
As for tickets for connecting flights, they sold an average of 25,600 rubles.

Flight Miami Moscow with transfers

Docking is usually performed in Paris, New York, Rome and other cities.
It is planned to change to another plane inParis ( "Air France"), should prepare for the fact that their return takes 15 hours, in Madrid ( "Iberia") - 21,5 hours, in London ( "British Airlines") - 16,5 hours, Milan and New York ( "Delta Airlines") - almost 22 hours.
If you fly to the Russian capital with the "Virgin Atlantic" through London, you will find yourself at home after 19 hours after the beginning of air travel.

Select airline

The following airlines provozyaschie its passengers on Airbus A 330, McDonnell Douglas MD 88, Airbus A 380-800, Boeing 767-400 and other aircraft, to help you get to the Russian capital:
- "American Airlines";
- "KLM";
- "Virgin America";
- "Jet Blue";
- "Aeroflot".
Fly to Moscow, you will be able to Airport Miami International Airport (MIA) - it's removed from downtown Miami is 13 km (offers bus number 57, 133, 37, 236).
Here you can sit in the waiting roomSuperior or one of the food outlets (travelers offering drinks and meals from a varied menu), spend time in the spa-lounge or Internet cafe to use ATMs or exchange point services.

What to do in an airplane?

Long flight allows passengerssleep and read. In addition, you will have enough time to decide whom to bestow gifts from Miami in the form of branded apparel and footwear brand "Guess", "DKNY", "Calvin Klein", cosmetics "Urban Decay", Tiffany jewelry, souvenir production with the image American flag, various sweets, rum.


  • How to fly from Miami to Moscow?

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