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Tours in Miami

Tours in Miami

One of the world's most famous beach resorts,Miami is situated on the southeast coast of Florida and is the fourth in the number of agglomeration of population in the United States. For fans of a beach holiday tours in Miami - this is not only a complete relaxation, bronze tan and the warm sea, but also active entertainment, fascinating excursions and very convenient shopping.

History and geography

City Resort is situated on the Atlantic coast andits beaches stretch for tens of kilometers. Europeans first arrived in the lands of the current Florida at the beginning of the XVI century, when there lived a tribe of the Maya. Their name is given then the name of the city, which was to develop in the early nineteenth century.
Today Miami - one of the most importanteconomic and tourist centers in the USA. A stay at the prestigious resorts in the world tend to thousands of travelers and because tours in Miami are always in demand, regardless of the currency and economic situations.

Briefly about the importance

  • own international opened in MiamiAirport, where landing several times a week direct from two of the largest Russian airline. Travel time from the Russian capital amounts to about 13 hours.
  • Tropical monsoon climate provides allparticipants tours in Miami comfortable weather all year round. The proximity of the Gulf Stream - also determines the climate factor, allowing the thermometer, even in winter does not fall below 25 degrees during the day. Water on the Miami beaches for swimming at any time of the year. Its temperature ranges from 24 in January to 30 in August.
  • Going on tour in Miami, worth waithurricane season. They come on the coast of Florida in the late summer and can continue until the last days of September. A special danger for the city hurricanes do not form, but a strong squally winds and heavy rains did not allow to fully relax on the beaches.
  • The historic city center is located in the southernpart of Miami. There are open bars and restaurants running drama theater. In this area there are numerous bohemian shops, souvenir shops, art galleries and exhibition halls. South Miami - tens of small and large parks and gardens, historic buildings and monuments.
  • Tours in Miami choose not only the inveteratepeople dropped, but who wish to obtain professional education. City offers educational programs and certified training, which allows the passage to take further important exams and to build an impeccable career.


  • Tours in Miami
  • Tours in Miami

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