Alone in New York: a journey routes. Travel to New York

Independent travel to New York

Independent travel to New York

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention ofNew York - skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. And it is a city of excellent possibilities for shopping and visits to the theater, exploring the authentic restaurants in Little Italy and visit the most famous museums in the world. In New York, you can come up with any tour, and even ordinary jogging in Central Park could give a meeting with Hollywood celebrities. In short, the Big Apple!

When to go to New York?

New York is ideal to visit at any time of the year. The only point for a visa and a plane ticket. Shopaholics tend to arrive here in the days of big sales on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, and fans of Broadway musicals - in the autumn, when you open a new theatrical season. Photographers know that in autumn Central Park is able to give the most amazing shots and prefer a romantic walk on a spring city, when the smell of coffee at every step is mixed with the scent of flowering trees.

How to get to New York?

US airline Delta and RussianAeroflot often arrange the sale of tickets at a very good price, is only start tracking their offers. Arrive in the Big Apple can and European airlines with a connection in Europe. At most airports, the Old World for the transit visa is not required for Russians.


Hotels in New York - a huge number ofvarious hotels, where different prices and conditions. The main criterion for the formation of the price tag per night is not only a number of options, but the distance from the center. In order not to overpay, do not look for a house in Manhattan. It is quite a decent accommodation options can be found in Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Argue about taste

And New York - it's gastronomic capitalworld. Here, the most delicious Thai noodles and Japanese sushi, the most flavorful Mexican fajitas and Argentine steaks. For each visitor to the Big Apple there own kitchen and their favorite dishes. Tables in the fashionable and inspirational restaurants in Manhattan is to book well in advance, in other institutions of all democratic and just.

Cognitive and exciting

On the question of what to see in New York, to answerimpossible. Go for V Avenue or Broadway from beginning to end - this is quite a serious walking tour. And the free ferry to the Statue of Liberty, special days when museums can be held for token money, and chat with proteins and musicians in Central Park - already may be enough to say: "New York is beautiful!".

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