The best restaurant in New York - photos, prices

The best restaurants in New York City

The best restaurants in New York City

Excellent, sparkling and multifaceted New Yorkcaptivates at first sight. Bustling streets seem familiar because of the fact that all of them have seen many times in the movie. Local can easily stop to chat with tourists, and versions of why the city is called the "Big Apple" will be so much that you can get confused. There are excellent hotels, convenient shopping, and fine dining in New York will hit its magnificence, unique and varied cuisine in the world.

Local food

Local dishes are fairly simple and AmericansIt is known all over the world, but it is one thing to have a burger or a steak house, and the other - try it in New York. The best restaurant in town with American style kitchen: coffee «Eatery»; Restaurant «Alias»; «Juventino» Cafe; «Diner» Cafe; Restaurant «Calexico Cart».

National cuisine of any country in the world cantry any of the thousands of similar restaurant in the mass of Arab, Indian, Russian, European and other institutions for the most refined tastes and budgets.

Rooftop Bars

Those who are not afraid of heights, in a place exactlylike. To enjoy the views of New York from the roof, for example, the museum is worth a visit «Soaked», «The Press Lounge», «Upstairs at the Kimberly», «Upper Elm» and «Rare View Rooftop». Here, a great selection of cocktails, alcoholic and fruity, comfortable lounge chairs and a great elegant design. It provides also professional bartenders, one and all with the diplomas of the best culinary schools.

Michelin star

In New York, the mass of restaurants with the famous insignia. Here exactly the most refined cuisine, luxurious interior and full of celebrities. Among these institutions are the following:

  • «Per Se». French, 3 stars.
  • «Adour Alain Ducasse». French 3 stars;
  • «Masa». Japanese, 3 stars;
  • «Danube». European cuisine, 2 stars;
  • «March». American Kitchen, 1 star.


For the sweet donuts and cakes in New York, you need togo to «Magnolia Bakery». It is the locals favorite bakery, it is a landmark of the city. So do not come here to be a big mistake. Older confectionery is located in Little Italy, and is called «Ferrara». It works since 1892 and has been a favorite destination of presidents and millionaires. Slightly younger bakery «Junior's Cheesecake» (opened in 1929). Here are the best cheesecake in town.

New York unique. It is simple and complicated at the same time, because it so much is mixed cultures and traditions of immigrants. Living here has long been the dream of many Americans, and not only them.


  • The best restaurants in New York City
  • The best restaurants in New York City
  • The best restaurants in New York City

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