Prices in New York - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to New York

Prices in New York

Prices in New York

The largest city in the world is considered to be New York. For tourists, this city makes an exciting impression. Prices in New York are high, but this is not surprising. After all, he has long been a global financial center, where spinning incredibly large sums of money. The official currency is the US dollar here.

Accommodation in New York

Accommodations in this cosmopolitan city is very expensive. Property owners in Manhattan are considered millionaires. Rent an apartment for a month in New York, is available for $ 1000. Room in a decent hotel for a day costs an average of $ 1,000. The most economical option is the hostel where space can be rented for $ 30 per day. Budgetary and good facilities in the city to find quite difficult. It is best to rent an apartment, where you'll be able to cook. This will allow you to save on restaurants and cafes.

tourist Meals

Dine in the middle-class café for $ 15-35. Lunch at a nice restaurant in Manhattan is available for $ 100. The cheapest costs in food establishments Chinatown. Popular dishes there are the noodles and rice dishes. Lunch will cost no more than $ 10. In this neighborhood you can buy not only products, but also cheap clothing, electronics, shoes, and other products. Russian quarter in New York, Brighton Beach is designated. There you can buy an inexpensive brandy or vodka. The city has many fast food outlets offering hot dogs for $ 1.5, $ 3 cheeseburger and coffee for $ 1.5-2.


Navigate to the town by tram andbus. Tickets cost no more than 3 dollars. In addition, in New York there is a subway, cable car and ferry. Public transport is popular, in contrast to many other cities. A more comfortable mode of transport is the car. For his rent you have to pay $ 40 a day, at least. Use the car on the streets of New York are not very profitable because the cost of parking - about $ 20 per hour. In the subway for one trip you have to pay $ 2.7, the same amount is worth the trip by bus. Landing in a taxi costs $ 2.5, followed by calculation of the miles, $ 2 for one. free ferry between Staten Island and Manhattan.

Trips to New York

There are a variety of excursions on the programcity:. cultural, historical, for schoolchildren, individual, sightseeing, etc. Other more expensive individual tours. Travel from New York to Washington, can make for $ 1,300. An interesting walk through the city accompanied by a guide will cost $ 500, so it is necessary to spend on shopping tour. prices are much lower on group tours.


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