Taxis in New York - the price order. How much is a taxi in New York City

Taxis in New York City

Taxis in New York City

Taxis in New York presented the machines,painted in yellow: they have a meter for billing passengers barrier in the cabin, as well as stickers affixed to the windshield (they confirm the presence of the licenses).

Features taxi in New York City

Catch a taxi on the street, but to draw the attention of the driver, tourists are advised to vigorously waving his arms.

Take a taxi, you can, if the lamp is lit on his roof. If not, or if the signal is displayed "Ofduty", it means the driver does not take passengers.

It is worth noting that the yellow taxis can not call on the phone. Also, you should keep in mind that the licensed taxis are not allowed to take more than 4 passengers.

Since the New York taxi drivers do not like to ridebetween regions (in the city of 5), and often well oriented in only one of some areas that if, for example, you need to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn, it is advisable to plan your time with a reserve.

Ordering a taxi (black limousines)

These cars can be booked only by phone(They are not allowed to pick up the "voice" of passengers on the street or at the airport) - payment is made not on the counter, and at a fixed price (the price you need to know before planting).

To call a taxi by phone: 212-777-7777, 212-666-6666, + 1-800-609-8731.

Important: airports in search of passengers often ply unlicensed cars ( "fish is"), but not recommended for tourists to travel to them. In case of necessity to search for a taxi or a special parking lot you can help airport staff.

Since yellow cabs quite difficult to catch in the outer areas, then it will come to the rescue of ordering a taxi.

If you forget something in the taxi, you should call the number 311.

The cost of a taxi in New York City

It is not necessary to puzzle over how much is a taxi in New York - to orient prices will help the next tariff system:

  • Planting costs from $ 2.5;
  • The cost of each 350 m the way costs $ 0.5;
  • surcharge for peak hours is $ 1, night allowance and minute waiting - $ 0.5;
  • for all road tolls taxi drivers charge a fee to the passengers (on some bridges and tunnels provided for an extra charge transfer, for example, through the tunnel Queens-Midtown).

In all New York taxi can paycredit cards, but there are cases when the terminals are "broken", so before planting it makes sense to check with the driver if you can pay the fare card (just in case it should be in possession of cash).

Because in yellow, and custom taxi drivers decided to leave to "tea", then to fare can add 10%.

No matter how far you have to overcome, you should use the services of a New York taxi - it's convenient and reliable.

Photos Taxi in New York

  • Taxis in New York City
  • Taxis in New York City
  • Taxis in New York City

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