Airport in San Francisco: a diagram photo. How to get to San Francisco International Airport

Airport in San Francisco

Airport in San Francisco

The second most important airport of California, afterAirport in Los Angeles, located in the city of San Francisco, 21 km south of the city. Each year it serves about 41 million passengers, and among the top ten in the US on this indicator.
The airport is one of the main sites for known airlines United Airlines and Virgin America and Alaska Airlines. Locals often called Airport - SFO (IATA code).


San Francisco Airport has a fairly richa story that begins with May 1927. It was then that the landowner Ogden Mills rented land from his grandfather. Therefore, the original name of the airport - the airfield Mills.
4 years later he received the status of the municipality, and was called the San Francisco airport. And already in 1955, it has become an international airport.
United Airlines company is one of the first flying from the airport, with the 30-ies of the last century.
The airport has long had a steady flow of passengers, stability came during the Second World War, when passenger flights were moved here in Auckland.
In 1951, the airport in San Francisco for the first time in the United States used teletrap.
In 2008 the airport was named the best in North America, according to the company SkyTrax.


The second most important airport of California offers passengers all the way to the service - cafes and restaurants, shops, luggage storage, etc.
If necessary, you can creep into a medical center, which operates directly on the terminal. There is also a public shower room, lounge for military personnel, free internet Wi-Fi.
To spend fun waiting time flight,You can visit the Aviation Museum. TURP or library committee at the airport. In addition to waiting rooms regularly hosts art exhibitions.


There are several ways to travel fromairport to the city. For example, you can rent cars to leasing companies passenger can get a free monorail. It should be borne in mind that the payment for the lease car is only accepted by credit card.
You can also get a minibus to the city, about $ 17, or on the subway, the price of travel will be in the neighborhood of $ 8. Metro Station can be reached on the same monorail.

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