Beaches San Francisco photo. The best sandy beaches in San Francisco (USA)

Beaches in San Francisco

Beaches in San Francisco

The United States has long attracted tourists,and the attractions of this country are so varied that everyone will find something to see. The beaches of San Francisco, high-rise buildings in New York, Los Angeles bridges - all this leaves no one indifferent, and the United States are almost the Promised Land, as they wrote Remarque. Seasonal holidays on the coast of the Pacific Ocean - is not it the dream of every third tourist? Palm trees, clean sand and crystal clear water - are required components that will make any summer vacation unforgettable. All this and more can be found in San Francisco.

Pleasures Ocean Beach

The best sandy beaches of San Francisco hitits length. For example, the most famous beach, Ocean Beach, stretches along the coast to as much as 5 kilometers. This beach is part of the park area, so during the hottest hours you can always hide under the umbrella not only, but also in the shade of the trees with spreading branches. The most favorable time for a holiday in Ocean Beach are considered late autumn and early spring - this time is not too hot, and the rest not so much. In addition, the summer is very often dangerous cold currents, the unpredictability of which may result in a variety of troubles and spoil your vacation. Swim here, however, it is not very convenient, and the beach itself is best for surfing or windsurfing. We can say that here for these athletes turned a real paradise.

Local infrastructure is very well developed and adapted specifically for surfers:

  1. many themed shops with associated equipment;
  2. rescue station;
  3. rental boards for surfing and windsurfing;
  4. an abundance of cafes and restaurants, intended for those who are hungry after a regular workout.

From the Cliff House restaurant offers stunningview of the entire coast, so come here not only to eat, but also get aesthetic pleasure. Also, during the strongest tides, can be lucky enough to see the remains of the ship "King Philip."

Baker Beach

This beach is the second most popular afterOcean Beach. Long a vacation here will not work - the water is not too warm, and the waves often reach several meters in height, but to go on the beach is still worth it. At Baker Beach has a separate area for those who like to sunbathe without a bathing suit - a nudist beach is located in the northern part. This beach has long been seen sharks, so threats to rest almost no. There is a special parking lot for private cars, so arrive on Baker Beach and can be on their own.

Photos of San Francisco beaches

  • Beaches in San Francisco
  • Beaches in San Francisco
  • Beaches in San Francisco

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