The suburbs of San Francisco - pictures, what to see

The suburbs of San Francisco

The suburbs of San Francisco

The Catholic mission in honor of St. FrancisAssisi, founded by the Spaniards on the Pacific coast in 1776, gave the city its name, which has become today one of the major tourist attractions in the American west. Gold Rush after a few decades gave impetus to its development, and today the center and suburbs of San Francisco is visited annually by millions of travelers as well as from themselves States, as well as from abroad.

Districts, neighborhoods ...

In the list of the world's most famous suburbsSan Francisco, including several neighborhoods and satellite towns, each of which has repeatedly flashed on the pages of guidebooks and on numerous movies and television series:

  • Alamo Square - the hero sets Hollywoodblockbusters, and its main attraction, Painted Lady, even became an example to follow in building other American suburbs. Six sisters or Painted Lady - an architectural ensemble, built in the late XIX century in Anninsky architectural style. Multi-colored mansions on Nob Hill are made of wood redwoods. They were lucky to survive the terrible earthquake of the early twentieth century and today pretty tightly huddled together bright houses - not just a tourist attraction suburb of San Francisco, but also a place of residence of members of the local business elite.
  • In the suburb of Richmond oceanfront traditional Chinese live. In this suburb of San Francisco are the most famous Asian restaurants.
  • Silicon Valley - the third largesttechnology center in the United States, where the headquarters of the plurality of the world's leading companies - from Apple to Facebook and from Google to Xerox. It employs no less than 380 thousand professionals of the highest level, and because the San Francisco suburb is often called the intellectual capital of the west coast.

Not only disco

About two hundred parks in the center, there arethe city and the suburbs of San Francisco. The most famous - the Golden Gate, stretching to the Pacific coast. Artificially planted trees on sand dunes and many species of exotic plants have grown, and the efforts of landscape designers have turned to the magnificent scenery. Favourite for walking with locals - Japanese Tea Garden and the Conservatory of Flowers.
The park Buena Vista once flourished movementhippies, and it is the oldest in the city. Situated on a high hill, Buena Vista attracts photoartists magnificent views of the suburbs of San Francisco and its surroundings.


  • The suburbs of San Francisco
  • The suburbs of San Francisco
  • The suburbs of San Francisco

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