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Tours in San Francisco

Tours in San Francisco

The locals affectionately call it Frisco and lovesincere love and light winding streets, cascading hills, old tram, which you can jump on the turn, and the bridge with bright red legs, diving into a thick fog over Pacific bay. Tours in San Francisco buy not only foreign tourists but also Americans, because it is here that you can feel the spirit of free thinking and meet the most bizarre, but incredibly talented people on the ground. In the literal and figurative sense of the word "crazy".

History and geography

Scattered forty three hills on the westCoast States on the shores of the Bay, San Francisco appeared on the world map in the late XVIII century. Initially we established a mission here Franciscan monks, and then turned the town of Mexico territory.
On the growth of the city has had a serious impactwhich began in 1848, a gold rush. Found in the California gold caused thousands of people to seek a better life here, and soon became the largest city of Frisco to the west of the Mississippi. Located in the zone of tectonic fault, he often suffered from earthquakes and fires caused by them, which almost completely destroyed the old buildings.

Flowers of love at the Golden Gate

In the middle of the last century, things to do in San FranciscoIt was particularly popular with the hippies, for which the city became the epicenter of the sexual revolution, a symbol of freedom and the apogee of all the changes that have taken place in Western society. It attracts thousands of sufferers to live freely and happily. Celebrating freedom against the background of the Golden Gate Bridge, hippies forever in Frisco history as people age change.
The bridge itself - the main card of the city, andevery traveler coming to the tour in San Francisco, has the opportunity not only to admire the magnificent structure, but also to walk on a dedicated lane or cycle. Golden Gate Bridge was built in the 30s of the twentieth century and for almost 30 years, it remained the largest suspension bridge in the world. The height of the roadway of the water is more than 60 meters and the length of the main passage - 1,280 meters.

Briefly about the importance

  • Frisco climate is very peculiar and run winterand summer temperatures are quite low. Winter day almost always about 15, and in the summer - no more than 20. This is facilitated by the cold Pacific currents.
  • Fly to tour in San Francisco can be on flights of Russian and American airlines with transfer in New York, Boston or Washington.


  • Tours in San Francisco
  • Tours in San Francisco

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