Washington Areas - name, description, photo Washington areas where tourists stay

Washington Areas

Washington Areas

Administratively, the Washington areashare capital of the United States into four parts (it is worth noting that the house numbers count is conducted from the Capitol). By Washington areas include Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, Washington DC Downtown, Glover Park, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights and others.

Description of the main areas

  • Dupont Circle: while walking through the area, guests can see the houses built in the early 19th century. Here guests will a small park, suitable for a relaxing break from the hectic (located in the center of the marble fountain) and bars that keep their doors open for visitors until late. As for the cultural program, in this area you can go to Phillips Collectioni museum for a visit of the Cathedral of St. Matthew (has 8-coal dome, whose height is 61 m above the entrance depicts Saint Matthew, holding his own hand wrote the Gospel).
  • Cleveland Park: here will be comfortable vacation for families with children (there are playgrounds) and nature lovers (the area has areas with green lawns, suitable for the organization of barbecue). In addition, travelers should visit the National Zoo (for ease of orientation it is advisable to get a card), home to over 3,500 animals (Research Centre bred animals such as the red wolf and the black-footed ferret).
  • Capitol Hill: serves a walk through the underground visitor center to get into the US Congress building, where they can visit the historical exhibitions. The area is interesting because it is satisfied with street fairs, and from here you can without the hassle to get to any area.

Having planned a tour of Washington,travelers will be able to visit the Smithsonian Castle (has 19 museums and galleries), White House (for inspection are several halls - Green, Blue, East), National Air and Space Museum (inspection subject historic aircraft and spacecraft; museum fund has such exhibits as food in tubes and cosmonauts Gagarin's license, then you can "become" the pilot, got into an interactive cockpit "Boeing") and other places of interest.

Where to stay tourists

Travelers who are looking at holiday calmthe atmosphere can stay near Glover Park - it is not only the safest place in Washington, but also great for walks and dinners in restaurants.

In your plans include visiting discos, where you candance the night away, and shops, which sell handmade things? All this will be waiting for you in the area of ​​Adams Morgan. Young people interested in bars, music venues and restaurants, it is recommended to pay attention to the area of ​​Anacostia.

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  • Washington Areas
  • Washington Areas
  • Washington Areas

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