Attractions in Washington DC: photo, entertainment. Washington Park attractions

Attractions in Washington

Attractions in Washington

The capital of the United States is Washingtonmemorable. This city is full of independent administrative unit. Washington traditionally popular among tourists prefer to museums, parks and recreation centers than active entertainment, so in this respect the city they may seem very boring. And indeed, it has absolutely nothing to do with the usual resorts where everything is designed to please the tourists. But here live almost 700 thousand people, which certainly somewhere fun. Therefore it is better how to search attractions in Washington and are sure to be found.

National Zoo

In general, it bears little resemblance to the traditional places forentertainment. However, this huge zoo every guest to visit the city in the first place. All pavilions are made in such a way that animals can feel freer. So coming here, tourists can see small animals not poisoned, Muzzy from the stench and the closeness of close cells, and these wild animals that frolic in the vast clearings and groves dedicated.

The main thing is having fun in the park - it kormёzhkabeasts. And last so accustomed to human attention, that even learn different tricks to entice more food. Hours 10.00 - 18.00 (from April to October) and 10.00 - 17.00 from November to March. The entrance is free.

Elevated Sportz

A typical vacation spot of townspeople. However, tourists who know about it, there are also always welcome. Here are the running track, sports fields, gyms, as well as a mini amusement park with slot machines. To pay for the services can be in cash or by credit card.

It is only necessary to note that this place is moredesigned for a family holiday, so most of the rides are for children and adolescents. It has its own website with detailed descriptions, photo galleries, and the possibility of booking tickets and order a variety of shows and parties

Family Fun Center

Another fun place for local, whichperfectly suitable for tourists, even a cursory understanding English. In total, this amusement park has a playground for baseball and basketball; bowling; race on inflatable pancakes by the pool; Racing on the cards; Battle of electric cars; jumping on a trampoline; 5D cinema. However, this is not a complete list. More information can be found on the site

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  • Attractions in Washington
  • Attractions in Washington
  • Attractions in Washington

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