Washington Street - photo, name. List of well-known streets in Washington

Washington Street

Washington Street

The main town of the USA is considered to beWashington, located in the District of Columbia. After the merger with Washington's Georgetown in 1871, the city officially ceased to exist. State capital is recognized DC. Locals refer to it as Washington DC. This city-county is subject to Congress and is not included in any of the staff.

City planning

In the heart of the city is the Capitolthe hill on which stands the Capitol. It was there that the US Congress pass the session. The building looks solemn and majestic. In the evening, its dome is illuminated by searchlights. Near the hill begins the green walkway - Mall. Many of the Washington building built in Victorian style. City proper planning differs in the shape of a rectangle. Avenues intersect with streets. Names Avenue devoted to US states. From the Capitol in different directions depart streets separating Washington on 4 District: North-west, North-east, South-west, South-east.

Washington The appearance is different from otherAmerican cities. There is a spirit of prosperity, stability and peace. Skyscrapers are not available, since the buildings should not overshadow the dome of the Capitol. The city has many well-kept parks, museums, monuments and squares. Business life is concentrated and the north-western area.

Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington is the main avenuePennsylvania Avenue. It connects the White House to the Capitol. This is the main street of the United States, as it is the venue for the official parades and processions. Here occur protest marches. The White House on one side overlooks the Lafayette area.

Pennsylvania Avenue runs from Maryland toGeorgetown. In Washington, its length is 11 km. The most important part of the Avenue, from the Capitol to the White House, stretches for 1.9 km. On this street is Liberty Square - the cultural center of the city. Theaters American capital is concentrated here. Next on Pennsylvania Avenue, you can see the Newseum, a memorial to the Navy, the headquarters of the FBI, John Marshall Park, and other objects. Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution with Avenue and 15th Street Northwest federal form a triangle. There are situated the main state institutions.


The area has many interesting monumentsarchitecture. The cobbled streets down to the shore of the Potomac River. Here are the buildings preserved from the 19th century. Georgetown is known for expensive boutiques, prestigious restaurants and bars. The mansions housed the embassy.

Photos of Washington Street

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  • Washington Street
  • Washington Street

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