Children's camps in the United States for the summer. Children's camps in the United States in 2015

Children's camps in the US

Children's camps in the US

A trip to the United States - is the dream of many Russian children. a lot of interesting and unusual in this country. Excellent opportunity to experience life in the United States - a trip to the children's camp.

The US camp

Today, more than ten thousand works in the countrycamps for children. The best of them are accredited by the American Camp Association. This means that the camp corresponds to the highest level. Safety, bright and comfortable event for children there are guaranteed.

Children's camps in the United States, which correspond toquality standards - this is a great holiday and a lot of interesting activities. They offer a diverse and quality programming for children of all ages. In terms of service to American camps have no equal, especially when compared with the Russian. The only drawback of permits in the United States is their high cost. They afford people with incomes above the average.

Features of American camps

Children's centers are scattered across the country. You can choose to camp on the shores of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. In the northern parts of the US rather severe climatic conditions, so there is less camps. The best option - a camp in the south. There are sunny, warm and interesting. Excellent conditions for children's activities are offered throughout. Children's camps in the United States pay great attention to recruiting. The children and adolescents work only skilled workers and experienced staff with pedagogical education.

recreation programs are designed taking into account the interestschildren from different age groups. Children in the US camps never bored. Besides relaxing at the camp they attend excursions and the famous amusement parks. For example, to go to Florida, a child can get into the unique park "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." No less interesting are the parks of Walt Disney. Of the attractions recommended to see Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon Ranch, prairies, deserts, and others.

American camps offer programs thataimed at the active participation of children in any process. recreation organizers pick up a variety of activities for each child. While talking to the camp the children are slowly beginning to speak a foreign language. They adapt quickly in a new language environment. Thus, a trip to the American camp - a great chance to learn the language. As the adaptation of children begin to understand spoken language. At the end of the shift they are fluent in English. Therefore rest in the camp in the United States can not be called just a distraction. It is informative and useful visit, which contributes to the development of the child.

Photos of children's camps in the US

  • Children's camps in the US
  • Children's camps in the US

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