US Kitchen: photos, dishes and recipes of the US national cuisine

US Kitchen

US Kitchen

US Kitchen - a kitchen, which traces the presence of the international culinary trends (it originated under the influence of Asian, European and African eating habits).

National kitchen US

For the preparation of dishes using beans,vegetables (pumpkin, potatoes, asparagus, corn, cauliflower), fish, rice, meat (turkey, lean pork, beef). If we talk about the first dish, the premium soups and puree soups, and if a dish made of meat, they are mostly salted and not sharp - if you want one already at the table complements your meal desired spices and sauces. Americans to national dishes include stuffed turkey, chicken, roast beef with blood, steaks, baked beans.

Popular American cuisine:

  • "Waldorf salad" (it is made from red pepper, sour-sweet apples, walnuts, celery and mayonnaise);
  • "Clam chowder" (soup with seafood and tomato on a clear broth);
  • "Steak" (steak cooked on the grill or barbecue).

Where to try the national cuisine?

Food in America - it is not just a visitExpress eateries, where you can buy sandwiches, hamburgers and other fast food. If desired, you can visit the places where you will be served a variety of local dishes. Because American institutions are allocated a small family cafe - they are democratic at the price (excluding drinks dinner here will cost $ 10-15) and etiquette. It is worth noting that the price of the main course usually includes also the cost of vegetable salad.

In Washington, tourists are advised to look into the"Blue Duck Tavern" (specialized institutions - American kitchen: It is recommended to try the crab cutlets, braised beef, apple pie), in New York - in the "E & E Grill House" (restaurant specializing in steaks, beef steaks and seafood), in Los Angeles - in the "in-N-Out burger" (here like fans of hamburgers - in an institution can meet a variety of variations of this dish, which is served various sauces, mustard and ketchup, but still here offers the opportunity to create your own burger by experimenting with the main components). Tip: as standard servings are quite large, do not order in Local caterers many dishes, because, as a rule, to "high-rise" cheeseburger included fries and salad (this dish certainly feels full even the most hungry tourists).

Cooking classes in the United States

In the US, anyone can visit the culinary courses"Culinary Institute of America" ​​(New York) or "San Diego Culinary Institute" (CA). It should be noted that the courses are designed as a few days or a few months.

Guests are advised to visit the United States in the country during the Food and Wine Festival (October, New York), the Festival of pork scarring (November, South Carolina), Omelet Festival (November, Abbeville).


  • US Kitchen
  • US Kitchen
  • US Kitchen

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