Prices in the US - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to the US

Prices in the US

Prices in the US

Prices in the United States will vary depending on the region andcities. For example, one of the most expensive cities are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco (average prices in the country 2-3 times higher than in Russia).

Shopping and souvenirs

For shopping in the US, you can buy goodsstores Levis, American Eagle, Banana Republic at more attractive prices than in Russia. Search for luxury clothing advisable in the village outlets Outlet Moll, as well as shopping streets in all major cities.

For shopping in the US is coming in the summer season (mid-July to early September) and winter (mid-December, the end of January) sales.

What to bring to the memory of the United States?

  • Apple's device (tablet, phone,laptop), cowboy clothes, various figurines, eg, in the form of the Statue of Liberty, jewelry, handmade candles, shoes (UGG and Timberland), jeans (Levis, Lee, Wrangler), the American cosmetics;
  • wine, bourbon, peanut butter, maple syrup.

In the US, you can buy souvenirs of Coca storesCola and M & Ms - from $ 5 items with the image of the American flag or the president (badges, T-shirts, lighters) - from $ 1, the product of the American Indian - from $ 2, a cowboy hat - from $ 10, watch the Timex - from $ 50, wine - from $ 10.

Excursions and Entertainment

At the Review on Miami tours you walkon Collins Avenue, will pass on the best areas of Miami (SanniAyles Beach, Bel Harber), visit the Art Deco district and look at its architecture. During travel on the main tourist street (Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road) for you to organize a stop at Villa Gianni Versace. This tour costs about $ 40.

In Orlando, be sure to visitNational Park "Lion Safari" - here you will see all sorts of exotic animals, where you can admire not only from the cab of the machine, but also enjoy special trails designed for hiking in the park (you will see cages with snakes, turtles, lake and island where live monkeys). The approximate cost of the tour - $ 25.

Sweet tooth can go for chocolateHerskey factory in Harrisburg. Here you can not only taste sweet, but also to visit the famous school, which was created by Milton S. Hershey. Factory Visit with wine will cost you $ 30.

Fathers and sons can go to the MuseumAviation and Space in Washington to look at the huge collection of aircraft and spacecraft, and go to the Planetarium. During the visit to the museum you will pay $ 20.


1 trip on the subway, you will pay $ 2.5 fortravel by taxi - $ 2.5-3.5 (starting price) $ 0.4 for every 300 m track. To get from Washington to New York by bus you can for $ 7-8, from New York to Boston - $ 9, and from New York to Toronto - $ 60.

If you belong to the category of budget travelers,then your daily expenses on vacation in the United States amount to $ 100 for 1 person, but more comfortable rest will cost a minimum of $ 200 per day for 1 person.

Turizi in the US


  • Prices in the US
  • Prices in the US

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