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US Resorts

US Resorts

Western Hemisphere attracts Russiantraveler, despite the difficult procedures for obtaining entry permits and tourist visas. Do not confuse the potential tourist and unmerciful prices on airline tickets, and a long flight and the time difference, resulting in the first days of stay in the country for the inevitable discomfort and sleep problems. All these troubles pale in comparison with the possibility to visit the United States resorts to plunge into the maelstrom raging human on the streets of New York or Los Angeles and to see the Stars and Stripes - a symbol of freedom and equal opportunities for everyone.

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US Resorts can be divided into two groups depending on the purpose of the visit:

  • The best beaches of America - is, of course, Hawaii,Florida and California. For the Russian traveler the most popular option has been and remains the city of Miami, which made for a vacation any time of year, and the flight does not take much time, as in other states. Beaches in Miami landscaped and comfortable, and the entire infrastructure of the coastal urban areas aimed at the reception of tourists and their comfort. Hawaii - fun expensive, flight here lasts almost twice as long, but these blessed islands that are without a doubt! Hawaii conserve natural pristine charm and relaxation at this resort the United States seems particularly harmonious and enjoyable for those who prefer natural scenery ideal approached the sea of ​​skyscrapers.
  • Equally popular with tourists from all over the worldwon the US ski resorts are equipped with the latest technology. Trails states of California, Colorado and New York are famous for particularly complex, hotels - the variety and authenticity, and the infrastructure can not only explore the sports component of the ski resorts, but also to feel the spirit of America, to get acquainted with its customs and traditions.

Aloha, Hawaii!

Season on the exotic beach resort USAIt lasts 12 months a year, and despite the fact that summer and fall are considered the rainy season, rainfall does not interfere with fans tropical vacation for the full program. The diverse nature of the inhabited islands, which are organized Resort - another plus in favor of the choice of the archipelago as a holiday destination.
Excursions to the national parks, the possibility ofconquer the waves on surf homeland, walks through the picturesque hiking trails, observation of volcanoes, fascinating shopping - this is only a small part of all the entertainment that is able to offer guests the fifty states of the USA.

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  • US Resorts
  • US Resorts

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