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USA Rivers

USA Rivers

On the territory of the country is located fairly largenumber of rivers and lakes. USA River almost at full strength flow into the water of one of the three oceans surrounding the continent: the Atlantic, the North Pacific or the Arctic.


Mississippi - is not only the largest US river, butand the largest in all of North America. The source of the river - Lake Itasca, and it flows into the Gulf of Mexico waters, overcoming the way to 3730 kilometers. The main tributaries of the Mississippi, Missouri; Arkansas; Red River; Ohio; De Moyen.

River wide around the line, but it attains its maximum, forming a lake Vinnibigoshish. MS width at that location - eleven kilometers.

In the waters of the river found a lot of amazing animals. One of them - the fish paddlefish. Paddlefish - almost the same age of dinosaurs. The weight of one instance can be up to 70 kilograms, and length - three meters. But this giant feeds exclusively on zooplankton. Paddlefish - exclusively river fish, and never go to sea. For spawning they make their way to the rocky areas of the Mississippi. The term of the giants of life - up to 30 years. And paddlefish, and related US shovel caught on an industrial scale.

Another unusual inhabitant - lepisosteus. this giant body is covered with hard scales. It is so beautiful that it is used when creating jewelry.


This is one of the major rivers flowing throughthe north-western United States. It is also the most full-flowing river, which flows into the waters of the Atlantic. The source of the river - the same name lake located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Nearby attractions worth seeing during the river trip:

  • Kutein national parks, Glacier, Yoho, Mount Revelstoke;
  • Roosevelt monument near the power plant "Grand Coulee";
  • Bonneville salt lake;
  • Multnomah (Oregon) waterfall.


River flows through the south-eastern part of the United States andWater flows into the Gulf of California. Many are of the opinion that the name of the river of the same name was in honor of the state, and which flows through the territory. But this is not true, because so was named after the river (its water has an unusual red color) and then shared it with the name of the whole country staff.

The magnificent Grand Canyon - "handiwork" of the same Colorado. Water washed your way through the huge thickness of limestone, sandstone and shale, creating one of the most beautiful sights of the country.

National Park is located in the basinMesa Verde. Interestingly it is the fact that on its territory there are ruins of the ancient settlement of the Anasazi Indians. The city was abandoned due to severe drought and let the past six centuries.


  • USA Rivers
  • USA Rivers
  • USA Rivers

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