Ski resorts in the United States: photos, reviews. Skiing in the US

Ski resorts in USA

Ski resorts in USA

Go skiing or snowboarding atresorts New World tourists eager for many reasons. Someone seriously claims that in the United States a special snow and ice The local did not like Alpine. Others prefer overseas winter holidays due to the possibility to combine sport with a rich excursion program, in which only one trip to New York is worth a lot. Thirds are not afraid of even the local prices and difficulty in obtaining a visa, because the route of the North American ski resorts are equipped with the latest technology slopes, where, as they say, for all people.
The main ski area in the United States are concentrated in the states of California, Colorado, Utah and New York.

The resort of Aspen in Colorado

200 km of slopes of different levels with powerfullifts is a resort of Aspen, which is not just the most prestigious, but not cheap, and most in the United States. There are several ski areas, the most popular of which Aspen Mountain. At Ajax mountain route equipped for the most advanced. They are steep, there are over their hills and valleys, in a word, for beginners is too dangerous. But the area Buttermilk quite satisfied with those who are not characterized by high levels of skiing, or just prefers extreme quiet slopes.
For snowboarding in the resort of Aspen in the regionSnowmass equipment great fun park. Trump and kickers enjoyed great success among fans of somersaults and two difficult half-pipe will help to get your dose of positive emotions advanced dosochnikov.
Aspen Resort offers unlimitedopportunities for the organization vnesportivnogo leisure. Here you can ride on forest reserves and the picturesque surrounding lakes bask in the world's largest swimming pool on a hot spring or fight in the paintball fight. Do not forget the organizers of the resort and about the children. Ski schools have the most qualified instructors and children's slopes and halfpipe for beginners will allow young athletes to feel more confident in the life of the first board.

Breckenridge Resort in Colorado

This ski area is located between the fourmountains, on the lifts which is a single ticket. The resort is one of the most highly placed, and its slopes start at 4000 meters. On the tops of the most laid a lot of hilly forest trails for the most daring skiers and boarders. At the foot of the mountain can try their hand newcomers - local flat track and a completely safe, even for inexperienced athletes.
Fans of shoot down the slope with the wind andperform a few complicated somersaults on the board can recommend three snow parks Breckenridge. In each of them - has its own combination of figures and Trump, and three local half-pipe will give an opportunity to show their strength in performing aerobatics and mid-level athletes, and gurus.
Of particular prominence acquired at ski schoolresort. Its main difference from the others is that the local coaches patiently help you learn about ski and snowboard equipment, not only young people but also older tourists. They put on the board and skis even pensioners, for which at the end of occupation choice, what to do in the winter, no longer worth it.

Resort Mammoth in California

Mammoth ski area is located in the rocky mountainsSierra Nevada in California. The season opened here earlier than in all the other resorts of the country, and a comfortable ride lasts until mid-summer. elevation changes occur more than 900 meters, with the highest slope starts at the level of more than 3300 meters.
One hundred and fifty at the resort and slopes arefor the needs of beginners and moderately advanced skiers and boarders, and for aces. Of particular interest to dosochnikov resort is due to the whole seven well-equipped snow park. You can to perfect jumps and somersaults and hone technique particularly difficult pirouettes on three half-pipe.
To the start of athletes deliver 37 modern ski lifts and ski schools will help to master complex techniques and simply learn to stand on the side of a mountain for everyone.

Resort Salt Lake City in Utah

The most popular not only in Utah but innationwide ski resort located in the Wasatch Mountains. The local slopes are suitable for snowboarding and skiing, in accordance with the highest international standards. The resort is spread only a few miles from the city, and for some half an hour you can reach
The famous Olympic slopes of Snowbird, and Brighton.
Trails Salt Lake City are ideal for the mostexperienced athletes and skiers average. But the boarders are not always open doors - in ALTA ski area is only allowed to receive the adrenaline skiers.
It does not interfere with any and all resort guestsenjoy the natural and architectural attractions, wander through the museums and participate in shopping, the likes of which are not aware of other ski resorts of the world powers.

Photos of US ski resorts

  • Ski resorts in USA
  • Ski resorts in USA
  • Ski resorts in USA
  • Ski resorts in USA
  • Ski resorts in USA

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