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Small towns in the United States

Small towns in the United States

The huge territory, where climatic and watchBelt is not just follow each other - this is the United States of America. As in any country of the world there is a metropolis and small villages, where life is very different, and rhythm, and prosperity of citizens and their habits. The traveler usually can not wait to stand on the observation deck of the Empire in New York City and run through Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, but it is a small town in the United States can best tell us about the lives of ordinary Americans, and to demonstrate their habits and attachments. In such places, preserved old houses and amazing legends, here you can find unusual museum exhibits, nice restaurants and meet colorful personalities who kindly called urban eccentrics.

According to the Smithsonian

This authoritative American edition annuallyIt makes its own list of the most deserving for visiting small towns in the United States. The lists repeatedly fell Chautauqua County in upstate New York with Sunday school, whose history goes back a half century, and Williamsburg in Virginia, which gave the world the College of three future presidents of the country. Marietta in Ohio is famous for the local Gothic castle and Sedona in Arizona - magnificent views of the Grand Canyon. On the west coast the local and foreign tourists edition recommends wine paradise in the town of Healdsburg in California, and on the east - Woods Hole in Massachusetts where you can go on boat trips and whale watching.

His Jerusalem

In honor of the ancient city called SalemMassachusetts, whose history began in the first third of the XVII century. Based its fishermen and could not have imagined, what passions played out on the streets of Salem, a few decades later. It is this small town in the United States became the center of a witch hunt, which lasted 150 years, and destroyed almost all the pretty urban female population.
Today, Salem - the center of Halloween celebrationsStates, but also in other days of the bulk of the local population looks like, to put it mildly, strange. About ancient events reminds Witch House, where a museum and a lot of "fortunetelling" with an appropriate entourage. Not less interesting place - a house, built in 1651, in which all the lives the same family.

The useful piggy bank

  • Travel in small US towns is best to rent a car. Problems with parking there is usually no, and railway stations or airports may not be nearby.
  • Hotels in the US is not too cheap everywhere, but in cities have a chance to find inexpensive motel room.


  • Small towns in the United States

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