US wines - red, dry white. Best US Wine

US Wines

US Wines

The United States is home to manypleasant and useful inventions and products. They gave the world jeans cars Ford and Coca-Cola, and tours of American cities and national parks - the dream of many Russian tourists. But there is in the United States is another tourist route, pass on that, then meet with US wines. They are very popular not only at home but also abroad. The reason for this demand is very simple - the optimal combination of reasonable prices and decent quality, but because the average American at the exit of the supermarket certainly has a few bottles of local red or white dry wine in his truck.

California - Wine Mecca

The most important and extensive vineyards on the SquareUnited States located in the State of California. This unquestioning leader of the American wine industry and are concentrated in 90% of the country's grape plantations. The volume of wine production in the United States are the most significant in the world outside of the Old World.
Dry and warm climate of California bears little resemblance totraditional European conditions for growing grapes, and because local wines are very different freshness and pronounced fruit notes. US winemakers feel the strong support of the scientific center of the University of California, which is developing technical innovations in production.

What to choose

US wines - a rich list where every gourmet can find a drink for the soul:

  • 80% of all production wine industryCalifornia, busy making table wines. They are produced by fermenting wort without addition of alcohol. Among US tablespoons wine - red and pink, dry and semi-dry and white.
  • Sparkling wine produced in the US and is in great demand. As analogues appear pink champagne, white and red sparkling dry and semi-sweet wines.
  • Fortified wines USA - a traditional Madeira, port and sherry.
  • Martini Vermouth type.

Only a fifth of the total produced in the US wineIt is red, another 15% - rose, and all the rest of the contents of bottles traveling from California wineries around the world - the white wine. Every tenth of a liter of US wines - high quality product.
Operating with a relatively small listgrown varieties, winemakers in California receive a wide range of drinks decent. Kupazhiruya Chardonnay and Riesling, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, adding as a container for soaking oak barrels, they create a unique product that like to buy even the French.


  • US Wines
  • US Wines

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