Airports in Colombia: a diagram photo. How to get to Columbia airport

Airports in Colombia

Airports in Colombia

Colombia has 20 airports, among which highlights the capital's airport (El Dorado airport) and Palmyra Airport.

El Dorado Airport

The main airport in Colombia is located in the capitalcountry, in the city of Bogota. This airport can be the first and the third in Latin America in the number of cargo flights it served and the number of passengers per year, respectively. Every year served more than 25 million passengers and more than 600 thousand tons of cargo. The airport is located about 15 kilometers from Bogota.

Terminals and Services

Airport in Colombia El Dorado has 2 terminals - international and domestic. The distance between them is about a kilometer.
Both terminals provide all the necessary services that you might need on the road. There are café and restaurants, ATMs, post office, luggage storage, currency exchange, etc.
If necessary, you can contact the clinic.
Airport Guests can visit the many shops and buy the right product. Also at the airport there is Internet access.

Getting there

From the airport in Bogota, you can get a fewways. The cheapest option - a bus. The bus stop is located directly at the exit of the terminal, the fare will be less than a dollar.
As a further possible embodimentoffer a taxi. Taxi stands are located in the terminal, there is taken a coupon for travel, which is designated address and the amount of travel. At the exit from the terminal you must show this voucher to the taxi driver. The fare to the city will be about $ 15.

Palmyra Airport

Another airport in Colombia, an alternative to the capital's airport, serves the third largest in the country town of Cali. Every year through the airport takes about 3.5 million passengers.
The airport has one runway, its length is 3000 meters. It is able to receive all types of aircraft up to Boeing 747.


Airport in Colombia Palmira offers passengers all the necessary services on the road - food, ATMs, currency exchange, post office, etc.


The city can be reached by bus. More expensive, but comfortable option - a taxi.

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  • Airports in Colombia
  • Airports in Colombia
  • Airports in Colombia

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