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Education in Colombia

Education in Colombia

Colombia offers great opportunities for those who are interested in sports, recreation, religion, art, culture, science.

Getting an education in Colombia has the following advantages:

  • Teachers Colombian universities - highly skilled professionals who allow their students to get high level of knowledge;
  • The ability to master the Spanish language;
  • The ability to study in English, French, Spanish and Chinese;
  • Affordable tuition fees.

Higher education in Colombia

After secondary education, students take the ICFES test - good results will open up access to education.

Local and international students can enroll inUniversity to the end of training to get a professional, technical or technological degree. Institute of Technology students will be awarded exclusively bachelor's degree, and training in the private or public universities allows to obtain a master's degree, especially in the development of scientific disciplines, as well as marketing, finance, engineering and health.

Bachelor's program in the Colombian universitiesdesigned for 5-year study period: 3 years, students master specific technical skills that they will need to build a career. You can then get a master's degree or PhD.

MBA education

Anyone can use in Colombiaexcellent MBA-programs in the field of business and management, and after studying - it is easy to build a career, both in small companies and international corporations.

Getting MBA education, students can learn on a full-time, part-time or distance learning.

Language classes

Colombia Language centers offer master the Spanish language. If desired, you can learn not only Spanish but also Latin American dances and water sports (windsurfing or kite).

Regarding the duration of training, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend time on the development of language: learning program designed for the period from 1 week to 6 months.

You can enroll in an international language school Nueva Lengua: there is not only basic but also specialized programs that allow to master the language skills in business or medicine.

Working while studying

Students are not allowed to work while studying (student visa does not open before them such opportunities).

Postgraduate opportunities for graduatesColombian universities are wide enough - if you develop the oil and other industries, which are by their nature international, you can easily find a job in any country of the world.

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  • Education in Colombia
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  • Education in Colombia
  • Education in Colombia

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