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Traditions Colombia

Traditions Colombia

On the country the majority of travelersIt happened not too good opinion: there are shooting for any reason, and sell drugs on every corner. Indeed, especially the prosperous and peaceful South American state is difficult to call, but the Colombians because of their national character - great optimists, always hoping for the best. Subject to a number of safety rules, a trip here will result in only positive impressions, because the Colombian tradition and its unique culture and identity.

What are they, the Colombians?

The cordiality and hospitality - these are the main qualitieswhich is ready to show off any resident of the country of emeralds. The owners of cafes here personally welcome visitors, hotels are trying to arrange a guest as comfortable as possible, and the police are always ready to help the lost or taken aback foreigner.
Residents of Russia in Colombia love. Unlike the Americans, Russian is listed as carriers of communist ideas, which are still close to local residents. Continuing to believe in universal equality and a bright future rather poor Colombians are very hardworking and honest, decent and sincere. Colombia Traditions - is the observance of religious precepts and caring for their neighbors.

Steppe cowboys

Culture shepherds with vast plains Llanossomething similar to the gaucho tradition in Argentina. Riders that have no equal in the world, shepherds llaneros de guanare carried through the decades its main tradition - to make a living through hard work. They have their own customs and habits, music and clothing, crafts and cuisine. Colombia Traditions - is, in many respects, lifestyle llaneros de guanare for which the horse, weapons and honest noble thoughts - the main thing in life.

Useful things

  • Caught in any difficult situation inthe tour to Colombia, do not hesitate to ask for help to the representatives of law and order. Despite the apparent remoteness, the police are always ready to help tourists.
  • Pay attention to signs prohibitingsmoking in public places. Despite the active tobacco use by local residents, the government has announced a boycott of the bad habit at the federal level.
  • Friendly locals - one of Colombia's traditions. Taking from the hands of the home owner or the waiter traditional coffee, do not forget to smile and thank you from the heart.


  • Traditions Colombia
  • Traditions Colombia

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