Petrozavodsk Airport: diagram photo. How to get to Petrozavodsk airport

Petrozavodsk Airport

Petrozavodsk Airport

Besovets - Airport is located in Petrozavodsk12 kilometers from the city center, in the direction of the north-western part, in the vicinity of the village of the same name. Runway airline has a length of 2.5 kilometers and is capable of take aircraft take-off weight of up to 150 tons of Il-114, Tu-134, An-12 helicopters of all types. On the territory of the airport Besovets permanently stationed Air Force units and Russian border troops.
The airline serves mainly domestic flights, its main carriers were Russian companies RusLine and Ak Bars Aero, operating air transport to Moscow and Simferopol.


Petrozavodsk Airport was established in 1939on the basis of rest house "Matkachi" in the Karelian village Besovets and was initially used as a military airfield. It was only in 1964, hence the first passenger flights were committed. And in the beginning of 90th airport in Petrozavodsk has launched service international flights, they were mostly charter flights to popular tourist country.
In 2009, after the modernization of the lighting system, the airline has been able to accept aircraft at night.

Development prospects

There is a problem concerning the whole of Karelia. Passenger traffic is too small in the country. Meanwhile, a favorable geographical position in Petrozavodsk airport may open profitable air routes between Scandinavia and Europe. But in order for the project to work, you need a serious reconstruction of the runway and the airline as a whole.
On the reconstruction of the airport this yearplanned to spend 500 million rubles. Deputy Minister of Transport Valery Okulov, Russia, visited Petrozavodsk in May 2014, by the autumn before the residents of Petrozavodsk and guests brought a new passenger terminal, runway and other changes.

Tools and Services

Petrozavodsk Airport offers a minimumrange of services to ensure the comfort and safety for passengers. The airport has a medical center, mother and child room, waiting room. Work box office ticket sales, mail. Provided hour security Airport. On the forecourt provides parking of personal vehicles.

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  • Petrozavodsk Airport
  • Petrozavodsk Airport

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