Prices in Tenerife - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Tenerife

Prices in Tenerife

Prices in Tenerife

Tenerife is a major tourist destination in Spain. The cost of living is high at this resort. The costs are higher than in many other European cities. Consider the average price in Tenerife.

Cost of living

Rent an apartment - it is more cost-effectivesolution than staying in a hotel. Not far from the beach, you can stay a studio for a week, paying 600 euros. Whereas the standard class room in a 4 * hotel will cost 150 euros per day.
If you want to come for a long time, theIt should take into account all possible costs. Looking to rent a small house for a family of 4 people can be for 380-400 euros. The money does not include the service of garbage collection, which costs 70 euros. Also separately charged with electricity and water - at least 100 euros. For heating water and cooking gas required - about 150-200 euros. On products a week will go at least 120 euros. Lunch in a restaurant will cost at least 12 euros. Based on the foregoing, it appears that the rate on the island is quite high. Remove at night luxury apartments can be for 200 euros.

Transport in Tenerife

The main form of public transport isbus. bus route network covering the whole island. Firm «TITSA» is the largest carrier. The buses of this company are distinguished green color and logo. The fare depends on the distance and repelled by 1 euro. To get to the tourist center of Las Americas airport is possible for 2,3 euros. Tourists who make a lot of trips around the island, get a transport map. It gives you the opportunity to save on travel up to 50%.


On Tenerife a lot of cafes and restaurants,offers a variety of cuisine. In tourist areas, mainly prepared European dishes. National cuisine is available in areas where few tourists. The restaurant dinner with a glass of wine costs 15-20 euros. If you order a business lunch, you can eat cheaper for 9-12 euros. Food in Chinese restaurants is considered the budget option. For lunch there really is for 5 euros. The island is located fast food restaurants: Little Italy, McDonald's, Telepizza. Prices are available for tourists with an average level of income. Luxury restaurants are not very many.
Tenerife Food prices in supermarketsRussian tourists delight. Most products are cheaper than local shops. For example, a liter of wine in this box you can buy 1 euro.


The resort tourism companies operate, offering services to the Russians Russian guides. excursions cost is low. For example, a tour of the island is 25 euros.


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