Tours in Tenerife (Spain). Holiday in Tenerife: photo, trips

Tours in Tenerife

Tours in Tenerife

The capital of the largest of the islands,a former 90-ies of the last century, synonymous with cool spent holidays, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is famous worldwide for its carnival. He ranks second in the world after Brazil on the beauty and scale of what is happening. However, trips to Tenerife and possible interest not only in February. The island drifting in the Atlantic Ocean, boasts warm weather in any season because it is called the "island of eternal spring".

Tourism as a driving force of the economy

It allows you to comfortably travel industrybe residents of the Canary Islands. The first guests came here in the middle of the last century and for the next fifty years in Tenerife rose dozens of modern hotels and guest houses. A good income is generated, and the cultivation of bananas and grapes and the local wine travelers happy to take away from a tour in Tenerife as a souvenir.
The main attraction of the island - itsTeide volcano, the height of the snow cap in excess of 3700 meters. The mountain is the highest point in Spain, the Canary Islands belong to whose territory. Teide is listed in the list of natural monuments of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Briefly about the importance

  • Eternal Spring in Tenerife guarantees warmpleasant weather in summer and winter. In July, the thermometer did not rise above 29, which guarantees a comfortable rest, and rarely in winter cooler 23. Water suitable for swimming at any time of the year, with the only difference being that the waves of the Atlantic in the winter is better to refresh.
  • Getting around the island is possible by bus,equipped with air conditioning and even TVs. International Airport receives flights from all the cities of Europe, and to get to Tenerife is easiest via Madrid.
  • Of man-made attractions, participants tours in Tenerife certainly visit the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The island contains mysterious objects,the origin of which is still unknown. This pyramid Guimar on the southeast coast. Their studies involved detailed Thor Heyerdahl, the famous Norwegian explorer. As part of the tour in Tenerife, you can visit the National Park with six pyramids and museum researcher.
  • Fans of the impressive scenery should book hotels in the resort town of Los Gigantes, the main attraction of which are rocky coastal cliffs height of more than half a kilometer.


  • Tours in Tenerife
  • Tours in Tenerife

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