Airport in Macao diagram photo. How to get to Macau Airport

Macau Airport

Macau Airport

The only airport in the territory of the autonomousChinese territory on the island of Taipa serves the city of Macau. For commercial traffic, the airport was opened in 1995. Currently, the airport serves as a docking place on the road between China and Taiwan. In addition, he is the main transit hub for many flights from South-East Asia.
Every year served more than 5 million passengers. The airport has only one runway, its length is 3360 meters.
It is worth mentioning that the city of Macao has its own customs regulations, that is, it is separated from the mainland of China. Accordingly flights from Macau Airport, China considered international.


Before the discovery of the existing airport Macau from regular flights, there were only helicopter flights to Hong Kong. In addition, two small airport located here.


The only runwayIt is located on an artificial mound in the sea. Runway airport in Macau can accept heavy aircraft such as the Boeing 747. The aircraft of this type is the main freight traffic at the airport in Macau.
Airport capacity of 6 million passengers per year. Macau Airport has 4 apron.


Macau Airport offers all the necessary services that you might need on the road. For hungry passengers at the terminal are restaurants and cafes.
Also, the airport offers a small areashops where you can buy various goods. For passengers with children have a mother and child room, as well as on the territory of the terminal equipped with special play room for children.
Besides working at the airport ATMs, banks, currency exchange, post office, etc.
For passengers traveling in business class, the airport offers a separate VIP-hall.
You can also rent a car in one of the tenants.

Getting there

From the airport to the city there is a regular public transport. The following types of transport:

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • The ferry to the pier can be reached by taxi or helicopter
  • Leased cars

Photos Macau airport

  • Macau Airport
  • Macau Airport

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