The best restaurant in Guangzhou - photos, prices

The best restaurants in Guangzhou

The best restaurants in Guangzhou

Oriental cuisine has always been marked by a specialpassion for spices, delicacies, unusual vegetable and meat ingredients, and even the love of insects, which often act as a special delicacy from the local people of China. The best restaurants in Guangzhou confirmed his status as the culinary capital of the country.

Everyone can afford

Hotel «Victory Hotel», located on theShamian Island, famous for its restaurant. They serve excellent traditional Chinese cuisine. Low prices and quality service - has two clear advantages of this institution.

Not far from the hotel is «Li QinRestaurant ». He will be remembered for tourists not only fragrant and delicious food, but also the unusual arrangement of the tree, which literally pierces the building through the restaurant.

Culinary extreme

Lovers of unusual is the way to lookthe restaurant «Panxi (Banxi Jiujia)». It is located in the western part of Guangzhou. Here you can taste specialties such as chicken in tea leaves; stewed brains of monkeys; braised turtle.

A similar reputation as the most exoticthe restaurant has a restaurant «Snake». Name of institution fully reflects its "stuffing". Numerous dishes and delicacies of the snakes here are shown in the windows. The restaurant's menu is present more than 50 different dishes with the main ingredient in the form of snakes. Among the tourists the restaurant is very popular.

An unusual variety of dishes the restaurant offers a «Wild Animals Restaurant». Here you can taste the meat of cats, dogs, bears, deer, snakes.
«North Garden Restaurant» offers a choice of no less exotic, but more familiar dishes as fried chicken liver, chicken stewed in wine, duck legs with oyster sauce.

For lovers of traditional cuisine worksRestaurant «Caigenxiang Vegetarian Restaurant». Here you can relax from the tiresome exoticism and enjoy no less delicious and fragrant dishes of Buddhist cuisine. Very tasty obtained from local chefs dish of duck, chicken, fish and suckling pig.

International "Ukraine"

A restaurant with an unusual name for China"Ukraine" is located on the streets of the Chinese town. It serves not only Ukrainian and Russian cuisine, but also Chinese and even Italian. It is only natural that this restaurant is very popular among Russian tourists. Here you can sample traditional Ukrainian borsch, dumplings, a variety of home-made sausages.


  • The best restaurants in Guangzhou
  • The best restaurants in Guangzhou
  • The best restaurants in Guangzhou

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