Holidays in Guangzhou - the photo. Summer holidays in Guangzhou (China) 2015

Holidays in Guangzhou

Holidays in Guangzhou

Holidays in Guangzhou - a great opportunityexplore ancient temples and monuments, visit the orchid garden, buy goods at wholesale prices at local fairs, visit the Flower Festival and the Festival of national cuisine.

The main types of recreation in Guangzhou

  • Sightseeing: on excursions offers explore Hualin Temple, Church of the Holy Heart of Jesus, Guansyao temple, visit the Museum of Sun Yat-sen, and Yuexiu Park (there is a tower of Zhenhai and the statue of five goats), go on day and night (you will be able to enjoy the night city and see the light show at Bai-E-Tan) cruise on the Pearl river.
  • Active: everyone can go during the day or night safari, visiting the Xiangjiang Safari Park; go bungee jumping; a bike ride through the streets, alleys and parks (in the city offer this service as a 4-hour tours on bicycles); fun in nightclubs "True Colors", "Cave" (here arranged exotic musical performances, dance with live pythons type), "Union"; play tennis or golf.
  • Family: families with children to visit Guangzhou Zoo (besides the fact that you can see giraffes, Asian elephants, the South China tiger, birds, insects and reptiles, and offers a look at circus performances involving monkeys, tigers and lions, visit the exhibition center " World of Dinosaurs ", look into the pavilion with rare species of butterflies and artificial lakes), Oceanarium, water park Chime Long, amusement park Chime Long Paradise, a crocodile farm (with crocodiles, you can not only take pictures, but also to feed them, and touch).
  • Beach: tourists should look at the Dameisha beach (you can surf, ride the water slides, relax in the barbecue area, stay active in the sports area) and Xiaomeisha (afternoon you can join water sports, and in the evening - to look at the spectacle with dancing, performances by jugglers and acrobatic show).

Prices for tours in Guangzhou

For a holiday in Guangzhou appropriate to allocateautumn months. It is worth noting that at this time the cost of permits in Guangzhou increased by about 40-60% (the same applies to the May and New Year holidays). To save money, the purchase is worth watching and tours in the spring (rain at this time - not uncommon), or in the winter when the prices are quite attractive.

On a note!

Since the city ply "fake" taxi(They are painted in the same color as the official, are metered but the fare in such a taxi you will pay 2 times more), it makes sense to ask at the reception at the hotel to give you a number of official taxi.

Tourists should take into account that in many museums and churches can not take pictures and shoot video (in some of them it can be done, but for an additional fee).

From Guangzhou should bring Chinese tea, silk and leather goods, jewelry with pearls, jade figurines.


Photos recreation in Guangzhou

  • Holidays in Guangzhou
  • Holidays in Guangzhou
  • Holidays in Guangzhou

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