Taxis in Guangzhou - price, order. How much is a taxi in Guangzhou

Taxis in Guangzhou

Taxis in Guangzhou

Taxis in Guangzhou for many travelers is one of the favorite means of transport: all vehicles are counters, and many of them are also air-conditioned.

Taxi services in Guangzhou

The city runs about 16,000 cars,at the disposal of 80 taxi kompaniy.Turistam should pay attention to the yellow company cars Baiyun Taxi Company (many cars are equipped with Wi-Fi, and their drivers are valued for what they always try to carry its customers the shortest routes), brown machine company Guangzhou Transportation Group and blue car company Guangjun Group.

To stop a taxi, it is necessary to pull the arm orgo after him into specialized boarding points taxi. Explain to local drivers, for sure, you will not be easy, as only a small percentage of taxi drivers speak English. Therefore, currently it is advisable to have a list with the correct written on it the name and address you require your destination in Chinese.

As the lunch hours and during the changedrivers have trouble finding a free taxi, make an order to supply the machine, please call (tell the dispatcher the time and place where on you have to call): 96,900 (the same phone number you will need if you forget your belongings in a taxi, but this case in your hands to be a check that will give you the driver at the end of the trip).

You can use the service if desired forDiDiDaChe call a taxi (you need to register the phone number) - after you enter the area of ​​his residence and a destination when using the application, free driver will call you, and then will call you.

The cost of a taxi in Guangzhou

After reviewing the current tariffs, you will know how much is a taxi in Guangzhou:

  • Landing + first 2.6 km of track drivers ask their customers to pay 10 yuan, and in the future of their trip will be calculated at the price 2,6yuaney / 1 km;
  • expectation and move at least 12 km / chasobhoditsya passengers in the 26 yuan / 1 h;
  • regardless of the distance covered bythe cost of your trip Priplyusuet surcharge for the fuel surcharge (1 yuan), and if you plan to travel by taxi to the long distance (over 35 km), each overcome kilometers will be charged at the price of 3.5 yuan.

It is worth noting that the cost of travel at nighttime does not increase, but often seeing the aliens, the drivers deliberately inflate prices. To get from the airport to the city center by taxi, you will be able to in about 100 yuan.

Take a taxi in Guangzhou - means to travel, has such important properties as safety, speed and comfort.

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  • Taxis in Guangzhou
  • Taxis in Guangzhou
  • Taxis in Guangzhou

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