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Tours in Guangzhou

Tours in Guangzhou

Guangzhou has the official status of the citysub-provincial matter, while it officially is considered my home for more than 13 million people - indeed, the scale of the capital! The modern and dynamic capital of Guangdong Province - the champion and many other indicators, but because tours in Guangzhou cause permanent interest and Russian businessmen and ordinary citizens interested in the culture and life of the large eastern neighbor.

History and geography

The Chinese call it multi-million metropolis"Goats city", the "city of flowers", and the Europeans knew it when something like Canton. Guangzhou stretches off the coast of the South China Sea, where its water flows into the Pearl River.
Participants in the tour will be interesting to Guangzhouto know that the metropolis can boast a history of almost thirty centuries. It began to move offshore caravans along the Silk Road, in the local port molested court countries trading with China even before the onset of a new era.
An interesting historical feature GuangzhouIt is that there has always been focused opposition to the existing government, and often flashed rebellious mood against the ruling elite Beijing.

Briefly about the importance

  • Warm and humid weather in the region offersubtropical climate and proximity to the sea. The greatest amount of precipitation from April to September. During this period, and temperature readings are pushing inexorably upwards, but because walking and sightseeing can not be too comfortable. It is best to book tours in Guangzhou in winter when the air is heated to +27, but the rains are rare.
  • The city made a huge amount of productstraditional crafts and folk art. While on tour in Guangzhou, you can buy different souvenirs for friends and colleagues. Lacquer boxes, figurines carved from ivory, jade ornaments, ornate embroidery and silk fans and umbrellas - all these unique products are sold in the local shopping centers and markets.
  • Getting around the city is easiest on the subwayGuangzhou. So can avoid traffic jams and congestion. An alternative solution could become a high-speed bus transport. Where are its routes traffic for buses allocated special transportation band.
  • All things to do in Guangzhou usually begin in Baiyun International Airport, connected to the city-speed electric trains.



  • Tours in Guangzhou
  • Tours in Guangzhou

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