How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow? Time of flight Shanghai - Moscow

How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow?

How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow?

In Shanghai you walked on the Bund,admiring the pagoda Longhua, TV tower "Oriental Pearl" and light show as you move through the underground tunnel (it connects Pudong and the Bund), as well as snowboarding or skiing in "7 silver star", attended the garden Mandarin Yu and tried their hands on various attractions in the park "Shanghai Happy Valley"? And now you are immersed in the thought of the return flight?

How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow on a direct flight?

Shanghai deleted from Moscow for more than 6800 km, andThis means that you will be home by 9:00. For example, on aircraft "China Eastern Airlines" you get to the house after 9.5 hours after take-off, and with the "Aeroflot" - after 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Are you interested in purchasing on the most favorable price tickets Shanghai-Moscow? To acquire them, you will be able to cost 19,800 rubles in May and October.

Flight Shanghai-Moscow with transfers

Taking a ticket for a connecting flight, assumingtransplant in Hong Kong, Beijing, Frankfurt, Munich, Prague, Almaty and other cities, you will spend on the road from 12 to 33 hours. Travellers should take note that their return takes 17 hours, if they make a stopover in Abu Dhabi "Etihad Airways", 19 hours - in Rome with "Alitalia", 13 hours - in Seoul with "Korean Airlines", 22 hours - in Doha from "Qatar Airways", 18 hours - in London "Virgin Atlantic", 21 hours - in Zurich with a "Swiss".

Selection of the airline

From Shanghai to Moscow, travelers flyBoeing 757-200, Airbus A 340-300, Boeing 737-700 and other aircraft, owned by the following airlines: "Air China"; "Aeroflot"; "KLM"; "Dragonair".

For flights in the direction of the Shanghai-Moscow carriesresponsibility Pudong Airport (PVG) - he removed 30 km from the center of Shanghai (here can be reached in 7 minutes by high-speed train). Here you can satisfy your hunger by visiting the food courts, to acquire the necessary goods in the open then the stores, find missing, contact the lost and found, to spend time in the waiting room and the mother and child's room, as well as make the necessary transactions at the ATM, post office and currency exchange .

What to do in an airplane?

Flight Duration allowstravelers to sleep and start reading, and finally decide which of the closest people to give from Shanghai souvenirs in the form of Chinese tea products from China silk, silk tapestries, jewelry from sea pearls, statues of glutinous rice powder, straw bags and baskets products porcelain, bronze vessels of different shapes, fans.


  • How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Shanghai to Moscow?

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