Shanghai Streets - photo name. List of well-known street in Shanghai

Streets of Shanghai

Streets of Shanghai

Shanghai - one of the largest cities in the world,which is an important financial and cultural center of China. Today the city's population is over 24 million. Man and Shanghai streets every year accept new migrants from the provinces. This city never sleeps and at any time of the day it looks like a giant anthill. However, despite its trendiness, Shanghai was able to maintain a considerable number of monuments of the imperial era of culture, so it is popular among those who are interested in everything new and progressive, and among the admirers of antiquity.

in Shanghai Travel is better to plan in advance. Currently, there are a lot of interesting programs offered by tour operators. However, independent travel can be much more interesting and exciting, and it is better to start with the most famous and popular destinations.

Nanjing Road

This street is a huge marketsizes. Throughout the streets are dozens of thousands of outlets where you can buy almost anything. Shops, stores, shopping malls, luxury lounges, VIP-hotels and inexpensive otelchiki, restaurants, cafes and catering usual - this street can be called a city in the city. So, it is Nanjing Road gets the first place in the itinerary of tourists in Shanghai.

Huaihai Street

Huaihai Street - is the embodiment of luxury andShanghai's wealth. It does not meet some beautiful sights and monuments, but are found in abundance elite author salons, fashion houses and other places for the status of guests. Here prefer to shop Shanghaians wealthy tourists is much less than in the same Nanjing Road.


Xintiandi is a kind of Europeanquarter in Shanghai. I wonder what this street is very popular among visitors from Asia, which day and night are walking here, making a souvenir photo.

The Bund

This scenic area is also not able to get aroundattention any seasoned traveler, as unique Bund. In his time here settled adventurers and earnings from all over the world, so the area is replete with monuments of culture a wide variety of styles and combinations thereof.

Bar Street Henshanlu

This street, which bears such a strange name, andvery famous. This is one of the most famous places in Shanghai for fun and relaxation, with the atmosphere here reigns so comfortable and homely that tourists from all over the world feel equally comfortable here.

Photos of Shanghai streets

  • Streets of Shanghai
  • Streets of Shanghai
  • Streets of Shanghai

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