Viewpoints Shanghai. List of the best viewing points in Shanghai

Shanghai Viewpoints

Shanghai Viewpoints

Sight Shanghai site will open to travelers to raise an unusual view of the French Quarter, Longhua Pagoda, the Cathedral of St. Ignatius, the Confucius Temple and other objects.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The building height of more than 490 m, hasrestaurants (87-93 floors, and some places can boast panoramic views); the best viewing platforms 94, 97 (visit these areas will cost 120 yuan) and 100 floors (the cost of site visits by 472-meter height - 180 yuan).

How to get there? To get to the center is available from Lujiazui Metro Station (6 out). Address: 100 Century Avenue, Pudong Area.

Skyscraper Jin Mao

88-storey building with a height of 420 m, offersvisit the observation platform at a height of 340 meters (guest elevator delivers overcoming 9 meters per second). If desired, you can swim in the pool, located on the 57 floor, to get acquainted with the Shanghai cuisine at the restaurant "Club Jin Mao" on the 86 floor, relax in the bar "Cloud 9" (the cost of drinks from 50 yuan) on the 87 floor (hence the opening of not less than spectacular Shanghai types than with the site for a review).

Enjoy panoramic views of the Reviewsite, guests at the output as a gift presented with a pearl (it is taken out of oysters on the eyes of the public). A surcharge of wanting to make it beautiful pendant on a chain.

Ticket price - 100 yuan (children receive a 50% discount).

How to get there? With the Lujiazui metro station (line 2) or by bus number 870, 82, 871, 85, 81.

TV Tower Oriental Pearl Tower

The building, towering at 468 meters, hasa revolving restaurant on the 267-meter height (1 rotation per 1 hour, then treated to guests Chinese, Japanese and European dishes on system "buffet" + offer them to try any of the hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea), viewing platforms on the 263-meter height (cost - 150 yuan) and a height of 360 m (the price - 220 yuan) with a glass floor. From there, overlooking the Bund, Pudong New Area, the Yangtze River and other attractions. Guests can enjoy a 6 lifts (can carry up to 30 people), among which the double-deck elevator, accommodating up to 50 passengers.

How to get there? To travel services - bus number 961, 81, 797.

Shanghai Tower

Despite the fact that the Shanghai Tower, tallmore than 600 m, has already been built, it is not open to tourists, but soon it will give them the opportunity to enjoy Shanghai with 550 meters high, where they will deliver high-speed elevator (lifting at a speed of 18 meters per second).

Address: Lujiazui Ring Road

Amusement park Shanghai Happy Valley

Among the many attractions here guests will be interesting to experience the "Frisbee" (analogue of our Ferris wheel) - rising above the park, they will see it and the surrounding neighborhood.

Address: 888 Linhu Road; ticket price - 200 yuan / adult (full day); Children 1.2-1.4 m - 100 yuan.


  • Shanghai Viewpoints
  • Shanghai Viewpoints
  • Shanghai Viewpoints

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