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China Coat of Arms

China Coat of Arms

The great and mighty power had no needin unified state symbols. Therefore, China's modern coat of arms dates back to the 1950s. Although their emblem and were former state education, for example, the Chinese Empire (1915-1916 gg.), The Republic of China, which managed to radically change the character of the years of its existence. Both the first and the second state used the same image, and in the republic it is officially in force until 1928, and then was approved by a fundamentally different form of the coat of arms.

Digression in Chinese history

The twentieth century in China marked the advent of a newstate symbol, there is even the official date of its establishment - 28 August 1912. General principles of the image close to the European tradition, where every color, shade and element has its own symbolic meaning.

It is understandable why it is such a beautifuland complex patterns appeared on the Chinese arms - they coincided with pictures adorning the emperor's clothes. Artistic image created in August 1912, in the next, 1913, took the place of honor of the main character of the state.

Besides traditional oriental patterns decoratingshield and the space around it, on the arms present a stylized peacock and dragon figures who played a significant role in Chinese mythology and folklore.

China White Sun

In 1928, the country and the party official authoritiesKMT decided on a radical change in the image of the State Emblem of the Republic of China. Instead of complex patterns, reminiscent of the emperors, mythological and sacred animal is a different mascot.

This radically new character of the state, withon the one hand, it was primitively simple, both in form and color. On the other hand, behind this apparent simplicity stood interpretation, full of deep meaning. The coat of arms was a white sun on a blue background. Symbolically, the orb was twelve rays, which represented 12 months of the year and twelve hours (one hour was equal to two Chinese European).

The eternal symbols

In 1950, there was again a sharp turnthe general line of development in China, in connection with which was born the next coat, again fundamentally different from the previous ones. At the present state of the country symbol depicts Gate of Heavenly Peace. They represent a fragment of the real architectural complex, a monument of ancient Chinese history.

This symbol of ancient traditions is shown in backgroundred circle, framed by ears of wheat and rice, the main crop in China. On the rapid development of industry reminds gear is located at the bottom of the frame. Five stars - the symbols depicted on the coat of arms and the flag of China.


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